Course Calendar

Course Calendar

Week Reading Presenters
1 Introductions  

Homo Ludens
Rules of Play
Chaps 7 & 22 (CP)

1. Alex

2. Cody

Snacks: Samantha

3 Labor Day (No Class)  
4 Theory of Fun
Dungeons and Desktops (CP)

1. Katie

2. Adam P.

Snacks: Cody and Alex

5 Critical Play

1. Adam S.

2. Emily

Snacks: Katie and Adam P.

6 Extra Lives
Half Real

1. Jess

2. Jon

Snacks: Adam S and Emily

7 Unit Operations
"Procedural Rhetoric" (CP)

1. Emily

2. Alex

Snacks: Jess and Jon

8 October Break (No Class)  
9 My Life as a Night Elf Priest
Play Between Worlds

1. Adam P.

Snacks: Emily and Alex

10 Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture
Free download from MIT Press
Rules of Play (Chapters 27-28 CP)

1. Don

2. Cody

Snacks: Adam P. and Caitlin


The Civic Potential of Video Games
Free download from MIT press
Rules of Play (Chapters 29-30 CP)

1. Jon

2. Katie

Snacks: Don and Cody

12 New Digital Media and Learning
Free download from MIT Press
Living and Learning with New Media
Free download from MIT Press

1. Caitlin

2. Jess

Snacks: Jon and Katie


High Wired (CP)
Literacy Theory in the Age of the Internet (CP)

1. Adam S.

Snacks: Caitlin and Jess

14 What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Leaning and Literacy (CP)
Gaming Lives (CP)

1. Don

Snacks: Adam S. and Samantha


1. Caitlin

Snacks: Don and Samantha



2. Samantha 4. Cody and

2. Samantha
4. Cody and Alex
5. Katie and Adam P.
6. Adam S and Emily
7. Jess and Jon
9. Emily and Alex
10. Adam P. and Caitlin
11. Don and Cody
12. Jon and Katie
13. Caitlin and Jess
14. Adam S. and Samantha
15. Don and Samantha