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Here is my presentation: Thanks!

Sexier Then Me

I think about the way I represent myself in virtual reality a lot, and mostly about how the way that I construct myself in these fantasy worlds is a fantasy. The characters and Avatars that I create tend toward the perfect, lovely, pretty, tiny... not really who I am in the day to day meat space. As I talked about last week, I have played some characters that are male, or are not gendered. But most of the time, and especially when I am uncomfortable in a new gaming situation, I will pick the over feminized, booby, blond character to play? Why?

Less Blog, More Present

I am attaching my presentation for today!

Games for Gee!

Math and Why Neal Stephenson Rocks

So, because we have been in class for more then one week, I have likely already mentioned Neal Stephenson. Not everyone has read his science fiction, which is a shame. I personally think that he is really forward thinking, rhetorical, and theoretical. I would pay a lot of money to have lunch with him, and keep meaning to design a class around a few of his texts.

WACky Cyborgs

While the whole text this week is excellent, I focused in on Bazerman's piece about the nature of cyborgy WAC. Essentially, B. is arguing that writing as a process is not only remaining relevant in the university of the twenty first century, but becoming more vital. He states at the end of this chapter:

Hum some gender

I sometimes wonder what we want to see when it comes to gender and technology. Its not really surprising that we would replay our gender bias and messyness to a new space, and its not surprising that we were unable to release our sense of what is "gender" when we get to this new landscape. We might need to cling to gender much more while we try to resettle into a bodi-(not less, but body fewer...?) ish place.

NPR Gates this I believe I couldn't find the archive of the piece, but I think we could contact the person on this website if we wanted it. : )

Feminist or Decolonial or Physical or Something Else

All About Chat Rooms

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