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Presentation Question

For Jess: What do you hope comes of this? If you prove you're point and make all the interesting connections between collaboration in games and collaboration in writing, what would you like to see happen as a result of your work (which I am really interested in and think is fascinating)?

blog from last week

Whoops, I forgot to put this up. It's part of the presentation I prepared but didn't get to:


For my blog this week, since we didn't have reading (right?), I want to throw out some partially baked thoughts about gaming and the composition class.

I've been thinking about the readings from last week a lot, and I wonder if gaming has become so ubiquitous that it actually makes more sense to examine gender representations than meat-space gender issues? What I mean is, I always saw gender online as a catalyst for meat-space gender issues. But, the more I create my identity through these media, the further removed my actions seem from meat space.


I thought this is an interesting video:

Backchannel this week?

Anyone up for a backchannel?

response to old conversation

I want to address two of the points Tristan made is his awesome blog post (not sarcastic), so bear with me.


Can we start a backchannel during discussion? I've never been a part of a backchannel before.

instead of retrofit...

I think this metaphor might be useful for people who want another word for retrofit:

The procrustean method is all about cutting things up to fit it into the same space.

The abstract reads:


Let’s not crucify Chapman yet. While his critiques are pretty accusatory, and often misinformed, I think it may be valuable for us to not dismiss him too quickly because his concerns represent a very real population that do not want composition instructors teaching anything but isolated grammar exercises and sentence diagramming.

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