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For Jess: What do you hope comes of this? If you prove you're point and make all the interesting connections between collaboration in games and collaboration in writing, what would you like to see happen as a result of your work (which I am really interested in and think is fascinating)?


Excellent question! I was

Excellent question! I was hoping you all would tell me that, lol. But seriously, what I'm [maybe] seeing is video gaming histories are a lens through which we can better scrutinize whether academic writing is as "collaborative" as we claim/want it to be. If sports games and Madden parties make Rick a good collaborator and that's what we want in the Comp. classroom, maybe we can borrow techniques from sports games. If adventure and RPG games make Jess a bad collaborator but a successful academic writer, maybe we can borrow techniques from adventure and RPG games in the Comp. classroom. I'm mostly interested in pointing out patterns. The interpreting of those patterns has yet to come.

I only asked because I am

I only asked because I am constantly asking myself that question when I'm doing gaming work. I think pointing out patterns in collaboration is a really interesting angle-- especially if my dream world comes true and every class is run like a game (then we would need to study the patterns in collaboration to utilize the game structure pedagogically).

Or we could team up and you could show the patterns that exist in the games, and then I'll cite you and show how they exist in the institution.


I'm all in for teaming up and

I'm all in for teaming up and submitting a Cs proposal. Deadline is May 7. We need a third. . .

If self-inviting is permitted

If self-inviting is permitted at all, I'm planning to take a look sometime at casual gaming, leaderboards, and how competitiveness motivates people (and yet, for a lot of games, you can literally see exactly how the top scorers did it, so in a strange way, it's almost collaborative, too).

I watch a lot of Adult Swim

I watch a lot of Adult Swim and they always televise the leaderboards each week. Given the ridiculously high scores that some people get on "Robot Unicorn Attack" or "Tofu Hunter" makes you realize how highly motivated -- or totally bored -- people are to see themselves on TV.

Sounds like we could make

Sounds like we could make this work!

Here's the call:

You missed my presentation,

You missed my presentation, but I think a study of competitiveness would complement it perfectly! Chatting session is needed.

Yes. Let's chat briefly after

Yes. Let's chat briefly after class.

I'm in.

I'm in.

Works for me.

Works for me.