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Whoops, I forgot to put this up. It's part of the presentation I prepared but didn't get to:


For my blog this week, since we didn't have reading (right?), I want to throw out some partially baked thoughts about gaming and the composition class.

I've been thinking about the readings from last week a lot, and I wonder if gaming has become so ubiquitous that it actually makes more sense to examine gender representations than meat-space gender issues? What I mean is, I always saw gender online as a catalyst for meat-space gender issues. But, the more I create my identity through these media, the further removed my actions seem from meat space.

Demon Days

As I was reading Rickert and Salvo (2006), I couldn’t help but think about Gorillaz, the virtual band created by Damon Albarn (formerly of Blur) and featuring (in its various incarnations) Miho Hatori, Kid Koala, Dan the Automator, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Shaun Ryder, De La Soul, Snoop Dog, Lou Reed, Mark E. Smith, Bobby Womack, Mick Jones, Debbie Harry, and the Lebanese Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music, to name a few. As you might guess from this line-up, there’s a healthy mix of hip-hop, R&B, rock, pre-and-post-punk, electronica, and even classical that goes into creating this sound.

a few things from Karen's presentation

Situated learning theory – the idea that learning happens “learning is embedded within activity, context and culture” and is unintentional; “Knowledge needs to be presented in authentic contexts — settings and situations that would normally involve that knowledge.”
Constructivist Learning: The idea that people make knowledge and meaning from what they experience. Knowledge is constructed, emergent, situated in action or experience, distributed

Atari Porn

Notes from Alex's Presentation on Female Avatars and Video Game Characters

I was taking notes of the conversation that was occurring during/in response to Alex's presentation and thought others might be interested in reviewing the questions that we were posing.

Sexier Then Me

I think about the way I represent myself in virtual reality a lot, and mostly about how the way that I construct myself in these fantasy worlds is a fantasy. The characters and Avatars that I create tend toward the perfect, lovely, pretty, tiny... not really who I am in the day to day meat space. As I talked about last week, I have played some characters that are male, or are not gendered. But most of the time, and especially when I am uncomfortable in a new gaming situation, I will pick the over feminized, booby, blond character to play? Why?

Back Channel

Back channel ~

Some interesting games to study with regards to this topic:



What else?

Some stuff about Native Americans in Video Games

Based more on what I talked about with Emily than the Leonard article, but it got me thinking: How are Native Americans portrayed in video games?

It's spotty at best. They usually show up in Wild West games, but pretty much as bad guys. Some named ones I thought of right away were Turok, T. Hawk from Street Fighter, and then a bunch of other random ones from fighting games like Tekken. That was it! (I had heard of Prey, but never played it so I'd forgotten about it)

Cast SpiritWalk...Throw Tomahawk: Supplemental Presentation Materials

List of common Native American stereotypes in video games:

Reactions to Native Americans in video games (plus some history):

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