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I am surprised by the sweeping generalizations many of the articles for this week have made towards, for example, "teaching revision strategies," without providing any specific strategies or principles. It seems to me like we continue to have the same problems with teaching with computers which is that we don't want to focus on the technology, but we don't really discussion how, for example, revision strategies can be taught with computers or softwares.

Back in the good ol' days

As I was reading Wayne Moore’s “Word Processing in First Year Comp,” all the talk of TRS-80s and Epson micros got me thinking about my own introduction to composing with computers. I may be dating myself here, but I first learned to write basic code on an Apple IIe at a Ball State computer camp during the summer between 4th and 5th grade. I don’t remember composing anything per se, but I did create some low-resolution 2-D figures that bounced around on the screen.

Moran Article

The link should now be working on the calendar, but feel free to just click this one

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Just a note because I think I forgot to give the location of the books in class. If you can't order the books online they have all been ordered at Border's down on the levee.

Welcome to 605

Welcome to Engl 605. The semester promises to be fun. There is lots that we can teach and learn from each other in the coming weeks. I am really looking forward to it.

All of the articles that we are reading for this class are linked as pdfs from the course calendar which can be found in "Course Materials". There are 5 books that are also required for this class and they can all be ordered online cheaply (much cheaper than list price), but since we don't start with them for over a month I am willing to order them at the book store if folks would rather have it that way.

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