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Surprisingly insightful, this journalist did their research. Lots of stuff about online presence and identity.

TMI? or TMA (too many authors)?

I don't know if Baron is on the right track with regards to information overload. He seems to be saying that we have too much information to deal with because the newer writing technologies – our better pencils – have enabled people to create text, not just copy it. “With all the text around us, who has time?” ( 217) When I was at the PCA/ACA conference, one of the people on my panel noted in her presentation that Victorians in London felt overwhelmed by getting mail deliveries three to four times a day and that people were complaining about the stress of receiving too many telegrams.

Link to "ten things Google has found to be true"

If you're like me, you wanted to have the full list of the "ten things Google has found to be true" that Baron mentions in part on page 235 and elsewhere.

Here's the link: http://www.google.com/corporate/tenthings.html

Applicable to the Composition classroom? Maybe. . .

Thoughts from a Technological Romanticist (Romantic Technologist?)

“According to [Robert B.] Waller[, Jr.], handwriting is creative, artistic, and personal. Electronic communication, he implies, is just the opposite: ‘Nothing will ever replace the sincerity and individualism expressed thorugh the handwritten word” (49).

two items

Item One: Baron tells us a lot about what people are doing online, but he doesn't exactly provide much of an explanation of what impact that has, which means...it's a bit hard to tell why anyone should care.

Item Two, largely unrelated to composition, but it bothers me: Baron doesn't seem to fully understand the concept behind targeted advertising.

A "Better" Book Review

There’s been a lot of talk in this class about having our students research, write, and remix for the Web. So when Amazon sent an email request to review my recent purchase of Dennis Baron’s A Better Pencil, I didn’t see how I could pass up the opportunity to practice what I preached. So here’s the link (scroll down):



Color!! Shiny!!! GAMES!! Procedure...

Bogost has a website...if anyone is interested. :)


Back Channel!!!

List your ten favorite Genesis games in order. Then talk about class.

1. Sonic 2
2. Strider
3. NHL '95
4. Streets of Rage 2
5. Vector Man
6. Mutant League Football
7. Comix Zone
8. Quack Shot
9. Sonic 3
10. Gunstar Heroes

“It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”

Today I would like us to explore the world of Interactive Fiction (IF) together as a class. So if you would please click on the link below and find your way to a game:


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