Semiotic domains

What I like most about Gee's work with semiotic domains is the fact that it has a lot to do with natural learning processes and it ties so well into how we make composition relevent to a bunch of engineering and science students. Yeah, we can warn them of how much writing they're going to be doing in their jobs, but they won't listen. Instead, we argue how the writing they do in class is so very connected to the problem-solving, organizing, and structuring they'll have to do for jobs, life, whatever.

Stuck in CS

I feel like the terminology Margolis is using is outdated for speaking about minority use of technology. Computer Science, programming, math and sciences, etc. are a major part of getting students to pursue higher-ed computer majors, but they are by no means the only. I can't help but feel that Margolis is coming from an older view of computers where you needed science and math skills to go and become computer scientists and engineers.

Thact Glocally!

I’m really interested in the idea of “Transcultural Literacies of Gaming” that Pandey et al. view as context-specific, socio-economically embedded, and complicated by, among other things, national and ethnic identities.

URL for Emily, Adam, Alex, and Tristan

In the Age of Digital Reproducibility: Of Tweets and Twutterances

The title of the paper I shared at 4Cs was this: “Of Tweets and Twutterances (or Twittering the Incommensurable to Extremes).” This title is my triangulation of Walter Benjamin, Mikhail Bakhtin, and the Twittering phenomenon with a dash of attempted clever conceit. I say conceit because I myself do not twitter. I do not have an “at sign” Twitter username. I have never sent a tweet. I do not feel remiss in this fact; nor do I feel any bit of hypocrisy. Apparently the influential theorist Zizek frequently refers books and writers he’s never even read.

budget cuts and minority studies

This is something I meant to mention during our most recent class discussion of graduate programs and race. One of my friends who went through the job search process recently observed to me that it looks like all the budget cuts departments are dealing with are having a chilling result: often the smaller, minority-focused programs (women's studies, Caribbean studies, for example) are the ones that get cut. This is something we need to be on the watch for. We can't let budget cuts be the excuse people use to marginalize.


Hope everybody who went to CCCC made it back safe & sound. Hope everyone else had a relaxing Spring Break.

I was drawing up a plan for the end of the semester (only 5 weeks left!) and had a few questions about the assignments for this class.

In the course policies & texts, it says that "you will be required to complete one annotated bibliography (ten points), one seminar paper proposal (ten points each), regular blog entries (fifteen points), one mid-semester project (twenty-five points), and one semester project (forty points)."

Margolis PPT

Here's the PPT from our discussion on Margolis.

I've Been Thinking

I wrote this last week and performed it at the PSUB poetry slam. It was my take on the conversation last week.


I've been thinking.

(And I know what you're thinking:
"Oh, a white man's been thinking. (sigh)"
but stick with me here.)

I've been thinking about having a cigarette.
Just one.
Used to smoke for a couple years
and I quit.

Trying to remember why I quit--

Oh yeah, I was addicted.
So I probably shouldn't have one,
or rather,
I probably couldn't have JUST one.
But I've been thinking about that too,
and it seems to me

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