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It’s in the Details: How Interactive World Exploration Thrives in Life is Strange

Fresh from multiple narrative and writing based GDC panels, my head has been full of theories on best incorporating narrative into game design and all the ways narrative reveals itself in games. At one writing roundtable today, an attendee proposed a question on how to explore and build a game’s world without relying on lengthy […]


Gaming Narratives and the Writer Problem

What exactly marks a good writer? I don’t know that there’s a real answer, even with two creative writing degrees under my belt. I can break down a story and analyze the elements, the way everything fits together, the way it might weigh in on various scales of quality, both objective and subjective, but to […]


Gamer Culture- Real or Just Imagined?

Imagine two passionate music fans. They play their favorite albums and songs every chance they get; they read blogs, go to shows, buy merch, maybe even get some sweet tattoos. In short, the music they enjoy is so central to them that in many ways it becomes a part of their lifestyle. However, one of […]


Pass the Cereal – In Defense of Casual Games

Here is my confession for the day. I play Farmville on my phone…and I like it. It’s an all too familiar trope, by now. Core gamers play “real” games like Halo, Warcraft, Dark Souls, or League of Legends. Girl “gamers” play Candy Crush. I’ve written before about gaming identity and who gets to decide what […]


Harvesting the Little Sisters: Sexualization and Exploitation of Children in the BioShock Series

What springs to mind when you envision a child? Natural settings, asexuality, smallness, physical weakness, but above all, the notion of innocence. The construct of innocence is fascinating in that it can be broken down, smashed, cracked, and reassembled. The little sisters from the Bioshock series, specifically from the first two games, are exaggerated representations […]


Getting Touchy Feely With Your Handheld: On Nostalgia and Video Games

Ok, the title is a little provocative, but this post might not be as outrageous as you might think. This week I’ve been re-reading Earnest Cline’s Ready Player One with one of my classes and it has really made me nostalgic for the games of my youth. I spent a lot of time in arcades […]


Too Good to be True

Last week a witch hunt pervaded the Hearthstone community. Like most witch hunts, it spawned from a baseless accusation: a top Hearthstone player is not who they say they are. This statement, which was little more than a rumor, quickly became accepted as fact as it spread across Hearthstone communities, especially on websites like Reddit […]

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Where are the Female Adult Fans of Lego?

Adult Fans of LEGO or AFOL’s represent a very active, creative community of people who love to build with LEGO bricks. I like to spend time browsing through their creations on Flickr and Reddit, and recently I stumbled across this thread on Reddit, promoting Lego artist, Mariann Asanuma, as the “first female LEGO artist.” The […]

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No Escape – Rape and Race in Prison Simulation Games

At Sunday’s Oscars, John Legend and Common performed their amazing song, “Glory,” from Selma before ultimately winning the Oscar for Best Original Song. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, it’s a must: But as powerful as the song is, it’s the acceptance speech (starting at 6:05) that captured my attention on Sunday night.  Amidst […]


Girlcraft, the Kickstarter that stalled (and thank goodness)

Recently, one of the other women on the NYMGamer team shared a link to a Kickstarter for “Girlcraft,” a proposal for a Minecraft knockoff branded for girls. Same ideas, just pink and purple and full of fairies and rainbows. My heart sank as I read the description, but it didn’t matter in the end — […]