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Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One…

Game critic Anita Sarkeesian and her family were driven from their house earlier this week after she received a series of extremely violent sexual threats towards her and her parents. The week before that, game developer Zoe Quinn (creator of Depression Quest) had her personal life (both real and imaginary) strewn across public forums by […]


Game Theory According to Kim Kardashian: Or Bad Game, Good Design

So I have to make a confession to make, I tend to taunt casual gamers relentlessly. Not because their not gamers, but because it’s just fun. Especially since I go through periods where all of my gaming happens on my phone or tablet. But I have to admit that I was dumb founded by the […]


Episode 84: Standing Around With Your %#@& In Your Hand: On Terrorism, Zoe Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian

Episode 84: Standing Around With Your %#@& In Your Hand: On Terrorism, Zoe Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) In this episode we talk about the difference between harassment and terrorism on the Internet and the goings on of the last two weeks.

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Balancing LEGO and Play

We’re all busy. And, since I entered the dissertation stage of my academic career, I feel busier than ever. Or, at least, I feel more internal pressure to be busier than ever. At the same time, I recognize that I need balance. All-dissertation-all-the-time may sound like a good idea in theory, but in practice, it […]

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A Quick Note on Zoe Quinn

Hey folks, You may or may not know that last week marked my first week as a professor (yay!). This week classes have begun, and with it my stress meter is off the chart. I haven’t had time to do much gaming. Primarily I’m playing online Settlers of Catan (iPad), Hearthstone, and some Farmville 2 […]


Power Hour Review: Five Nights at Freddy’s

Have you ever thought of what animatronics do after closing time? How do they preoccupy the midnight hours between the rounds of screaming children? Do they need some release after being poked, prodded, and pulled by greasy fingers?  Do the smiles of those kitschy mascots stay innocently cheesy even in the dark, or do they […]


Commenting on the Conversation

It’s been a rough week. As I started trying to compose this week’s post, I knew wanted to talk about comments. I wanted to use this story as a lead-in to my conversation: The Real Problem with Sex Workers in Video Games. I wanted to talk about women’s voices and how this article’s comments start […]


Aren’t we all “Always Sometimes Monsters”?

Always Sometimes Monsters is an interactive narrative-style game that attempts to tackle several very serious issues through its focus on player choice and the consequences of those choices. Indeed, the game carries a content warning on its Steam page that says “Always Sometimes Monsters has content dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, mental health, sexual […]


Sexism and Hardware: It’s Not Just for Pink Screwdrivers Anymore

In the same way that medical research on breast cancer, uterine cancer, and heart disease (see Leslie Laurence’s book Outrageous Practice for some history of gender bias in medical research) have done a disservice to women as a whole by focusing medical studies solely on men and then attempting to apply those results wholesale to […]