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Whispering Willows

Power Hour Review: Whispering Willows

Whispering Willows is a horror puzzle game. The game starts with Elena lost in the family catacombs as she tries to find her missing father. The game starts off pretty slow, but somewhat creepy. The graphics are great: not realistic enough that I found them scary, but they are beautiful. As Elena continues through the […]


Episode 82: Tears from a Gamer: Video Games as Emotional Catalysts

Episode 82: Tears from a Gamer: Video Games as Emotional Catalysts (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) In this episode we talk about emotional game, games that have made us cry or just think more deeply about emotional issues in our own lives. Join us as we think about games as more […]


The Road to Hell…

Early this summer we did a podcast where we talked about all of the games that we were going to play this summer. My gaming intentions were to play some catch up on the pile of shame that sits on my media stand in the game room. I was going to finish Infamous: Second Son, […]


When Smack Talk Goes Too Far: Discrimination in Professional e-Sports

The various federations and organizations devoted to professional gaming and electronic sports, known appropriately as “e-sports,” strive for legitimacy and professionalism. Although e-sports continue to grow across the world and have seen a recent surge in popularity in the past few years with the online accessibility of big name events like the Evolution Championship Series […]


An American in Scotland: Always on Alert

This weeks post is not about games, but rather about why we continue to write about and criticize the way women are portrayed and treated in games and media in general. I’m staying in Dundee, Scotland right now. It’s a nice little town, not too crowded (unlike Glasgow and Edinburgh). Before I came here, I, […]

divinity featured

Failing the The Zombie-Cat-Dresser Test, Divinity: Original Sin Power Hour Review

Divinity: Original Sin promises to give players the “freedom of a pen and paper RPG” in a video game. As any one who’s spent any amount of time playing pen and paper RPGs will tell you, that’s a pretty bold claim. So, does Divinity deliver on this promise? Personally, I’m not sure it’s really possible […]

The Price of Play

**I know trigger warnings are so not the thing these days. But really, this one gets kinda ugly** Play is free. Fun. Natural—like breathing, the desire to eat (or love), or do other things that are inappropriate to write about in the blog. Except that nothing is really free, play is often not fun, and […]


Same Face Syndrome or Why Scruffy-White-Dude Protagonists Don’t Help Anyone

The face of game protagonists is looking rather generic. If you were to poll gamers as to what the average playable character looks like, chances are there would be a general consensus among the answers. It’d almost certainly be a white man. He’d likely be in his late twenties or early thirties with a hardened […]


An American in Scotland or Females are too Hard

This month, I’m staying in the dorms at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. Dundee is a beautiful city, and Abertay is an interesting university to me because they have a computer games department that focuses on the development, design, technology, and management of games. Last night, their chapter of the International Game Developers Association hosted […]

Sunless Sea Featured

Lose your mind, eat your crew: Sunless Sea

With the tagline “Lose your mind, eat your crew”, how could you not want to give Sunless Sea a try? This narrative-horror-sea-roguelike just released on Steam and Humble Bundle, and is available on PC and Mac. The  game is currently still in early access, and the developers describe the present state of the game as […]