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Fear Through Her Eyes: Analyzing the Female Character in Horror Games

The Final Girl: it’s a trope that’s sure to resonate with any horror fan, regardless of their level of interest or devotion to the genre. Referential to the trend of horror media leaving a solitary female character as its “last person standing,” The Final Girl is generally defined as being that remaining woman or girl […]


Minifigs, mini-dolls and my stubborn nostalgia

I was flipping through the new LEGO catalogue the other day (because what I really need is more LEGOs!) and I was thinking back to this post, where one commenter wrote, “the City line, at least, is moving nicely towards gender equality – at least one of every set of firefighters will have a traditionally […]


Silencing is not the answer

Recently I had a discussion with a friend about Gamer Gate in light of the most recent doxxing event (Felicia Day, posting about her concerns, became a target). His response? By taking what he deemed to be an offensive action (posting about her feelings on her blog) she essentially invited the harassment. In other words, […]

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Power Hour Review: Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth

Civilization, Civilization, Civilization. When I was in middle school I would wait until everyone was sleeping and then sneak into the office and play Civ II all night, going to school the next day with blurry eyes and disoriented speech patterns from a lack of sleep. I would fake sick to stay home and play. […]

I Heart Games

Why Games?

Why Games? I have a soft spot in my heart for slam poetry. I love words and I love music, and slam seems to find the balance between them. I’m also a huge nerd, so I was particularly happy when I found this gem by Rachel Rostad: The thing about slam poetry is that, as […]

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GamerGate Fatigue

Before the week is over and you start getting your GamerGate fatigue (or maybe you already have it), I hope you will indulge me in reading this post, even if it’s the last one you ever read about GamerGate. (For GamerGaters) Let me start by saying that I want to thank the proponents of GamerGate. […]


In Defense of Polygon

When you think about what comprises a game review, what comes to mind? Certainly traditional review elements like a critique of the game’s mechanics, its fluidity, its narrative if that’s something that’s important to you, its graphics and sound, and even its “fun factor” are all things that would be popular answers. But for a […]

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Episode 88

Come check out episode 88 of NYMG, live starting in a few minutes:


Vulnerability and the Female Character

Yesterday, I was reading this debate on Kotaku, sparked by comments made here by Shinji Mikami the creator of the Resident Evil games. As with any and all debates via Internet comments, you gotta take the good with the bad. But, I was surprised to find myself agreeing (at least in part) with some of […]


Zombies, and Monsters, and Chainsaws, and… meh…

Last week The Evil Within released, a game I had some high expectations for the title, given that the design team design team includes the self-proclaimed “father of survival horror”, Shinji Mikami. However, while the game seems to tick off all the boxes (creepy hospital- check! Stoic, jaded hero- check! Zombies- check! Ridiculously metaphoric save […]