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Becoming the Victim: Creating Understanding with The Day the Laughter Stopped

Trigger Warning: the game about to be described (The Day the Laughter Stopped) and the content of this article discusses and addresses rape and sexual assault An interactive fiction game – although in truth it more closely resembles an interactive narrative/fiction experience than what I’d personally define as a game – crossed my virtual path […]


Power Hour Review: Grimm

American McGee has added another game to his portfolio of delightfully twisted fairy tales in Grimm, an episodic series recently debuted on Steam. The game is split into twenty-three individual parts. Each edition follows a traditional story from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the first of which is currently available for free download. Much like his interpretation […]


Power Hour Review: The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One

At last: the game I’ve waited for all year, or at least, the beginning of it: the debut episode of The Walking Dead’s second season, All That Remains, starring the young and vulnerable Clementine. For me, this episode’s release was an Event (capital E), and so I hope you’ll forgive me if I speak (write) […]


Power Hour Review: Long Live the Queen (PC, Mac, Linux)

Pink hair, frills, magical girl powers and lots and lots of death; this is certainly how I would describe Long Live the Queen, a visual novel role-playing game created by Hanako Games. Originally debuted last year, it was only recently released on Steam to a larger public as a result of a successful Steam Greenlight […]


Stepping Into Smaller Shoes: The Walking Dead’s Season Two, Starring Clementine

Last week, Telltale Games finally confirmed what many of us have suspected–or hoped–since we wrapped Season One of The Walking Dead: Season Two will follow Clementine in a post-Lee apocalypse. There’s been no confirmation yet on the timeline for the new episodes, so we may pick up with Clem anywhere from right after the events […]


Power Hour Review: Knock-Knock (PC)

Power Hour Reviews are a new NYMG feature in which we spend one intense hour playing newly released games in order to get a sense not only of game mechanics and characterization, but narrative as well. Let us spend our time first, so that you don’t have to waste yours. The thing about giving over […]

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Game Thrall: Don’t Starve Edition

I’m currently sitting here at a coffee shop with Sam, and I realized I hadn’t put up my post for this week.  As I tried to think about what I should talk about, I found that I could only think about one thing: Don’t Starve, the indie game I’ve been playing this week. I don’t […]


Story vs. Play, or Story/Play

Story in video games is one of those controversial topics, though no video game would exist, let alone be successful, without story. Some of the very first debates about video games, arguments that would eventually become the foundation of Game Studies as a field, were about narratology and ludology, or in other words, story and […]


Steam Summer Sale Buying Guide

I don’t want to hear whining because this info is a “no duh” for you game pros. It wasn’t that long ago that we all experienced our first Steam sale. Maybe you even have a few games from that sale that you haven’t gotten around to. But let’s be honest, the Steam sale is emotionally […]


When Games Become a Part of Reality

As technology advances, video game developers are able to portray realism in their games much more accurately: graphics make video games look like movies, AIs interact with characters at an uncanny level, and the stories can hit closer to home than ever before. Still, some people will always look at video games as unrealistic and […]