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Beyond Bechdel, Part Two: Women in the Walking Dead

In the first part of this study of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, I questioned whether the Bechdel Test was the best benchmark for judging whether or not a piece of media had something to offer in terms of good female characterization. Is the Bechdel Test enough, or does even this bare minimum set the […]


Stepping Into Smaller Shoes: The Walking Dead’s Season Two, Starring Clementine

Last week, Telltale Games finally confirmed what many of us have suspected–or hoped–since we wrapped Season One of The Walking Dead: Season Two will follow Clementine in a post-Lee apocalypse. There’s been no confirmation yet on the timeline for the new episodes, so we may pick up with Clem anywhere from right after the events […]


Power Hour Review: Limbo (iOS)

Power Hour Reviews are a new weekly NYMG feature in which we spend one intense hour playing newly released games in order to get a sense not only of game mechanics and characterization, but narrative as well. Let us spend our time first, so that you don’t have to waste yours. That said, we’re running […]


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

On October 5, 2011 the world lost a great technology visionary in Mr. Steve Jobs. His passing was extremely sad but, we must admit, not surprising. I won’t take up time and space¬†extolling¬†the virtues of Mr. Jobs and all of the great things that he did at Apple, Atari, Pixar, etc. That has been done […]