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Musings of a Gamer

Somebody once told me that if I had put as much effort into my school work as I did with videogames, I would have been a straight A student. I shrugged my teenage shoulders and rolled my teenage eyes but deep down that comment hurt. I knew I was smart but I struggled in school […]

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Games and Pedagogy; On What It Means to Talk About How We Teach With Play

Since I’ve been going to lots of talks in my department that focus on people and their teaching philosophies (gotta love job search time) it’s been forcing me to think more about what it would look like if I gave a talk about about my own pedagogical teaching practices (don’t worry folks, I’m not going […]


Writing Code Through Gameplay; Learning While We Play

For years we have been talking about learning to write code through game play with things like Gamestar Mechanic and Double Fine’s Hack and Slash (which requires you to change the code of the game’s assets in order to win), but the recent attention that folks like YouTuber SethBling has gotten for writing code with his gameplay […]


Why Writing and Playing Video Games are Alike; Or, A Public Apology to My Mother

For years I have given folks that party line that I don’t “teach” writing, but rather that I facilitate writing. And, of course, it’s true even if it does sound damned pretentious. You really can’t teach someone how to write. You can model it for them and give them feedback, but in the end people […]


Even Cute Monsters Have to Go: A Review of The Counting Kingdom (iOS)

It’s no secret that I have a real interest in games for educational purposes. And this interest extends to games that might be both fun and educational to my own 6 year old. So when I got the chance to review The Counting Kingdom by Little Worlds Interactive for iOS I jumped at it. The […]


Don’t Call It A Comeback: (Analog) Games and Learning

When the New York Times ran the piece on the comeback of board games last week I had several different people send my the link via email. The first thing I thought was “Wow, people might actually know what I do” the second thing was “Wow, why is this just making it to mainstream media?”. […]

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Feminism and Video Games and Golf: Yep, This is Happening

Feminist work in game studies is sort of like playing golf. You hit 20 bad shots to every good shot, but that good shot is what keeps you coming back. You finally squared your hips correctly, didn’t take your eye of the ball, the WHAM! It goes soaring across the sky and lands beautifully on […]


Is Tamriel the New Tuesday Cafe?

Now for all of you youngin’s who don’t know what Tuesday Cafe was let me start with a little story. As a new-ish grad student and a budding technorhetorician I entered Connections MOO on a Tuesday evening for the first time almost 20 years ago. The place was full of Taris, mdays, tengrrls, Kafkazs, and […]


Sparklegate and Silencing “Silliness”

Let me start by saying that I have not entirely been following the so-dubbed Spaklegate fiasco closely. Mostly what I’ve seen are hurt reactions by people who cared about what things like sparkleponies was doing for people, particularly for graduate students. It made us feel comfortable, and it let incoming academics know that 1) we […]


Becoming the Victim: Creating Understanding with The Day the Laughter Stopped

Trigger Warning: the game about to be described (The Day the Laughter Stopped) and the content of this article discusses and addresses rape and sexual assault An interactive fiction game – although in truth it more closely resembles an interactive narrative/fiction experience than what I’d personally define as a game – crossed my virtual path […]