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Too Good to be True

Last week a witch hunt pervaded the Hearthstone community. Like most witch hunts, it spawned from a baseless accusation: a top Hearthstone player is not who they say they are. This statement, which was little more than a rumor, quickly became accepted as fact as it spread across Hearthstone communities, especially on websites like Reddit […]


Episode 95: Strange Choices: Discussion of Life is Strange (Episode One)

Episode 95: Strange Choices: Discussion of Life is Strange (Episode One)  (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) This week we talk about the first installment of DontNod’s episode game, Life is Strange. Spoiler alert, we talk about the entire episode.


Musings of a Gamer

Somebody once told me that if I had put as much effort into my school work as I did with videogames, I would have been a straight A student. I shrugged my teenage shoulders and rolled my teenage eyes but deep down that comment hurt. I knew I was smart but I struggled in school […]


Strangely Privileged: The Blackness Problem with Gamers

My post for today was going to be specifically about Evan Narcisse’s article that talked about video games’ blackness problem, but as I sit down to write I find that it is only going to be tangentially connected. Video games do have a blackness problem…and so do video game players. So let me explain. Narcisse […]


Play With Your Kids: Passing on a Gamer’s Legacy

As a young child, I played games with both my mother and father in different ways. I remember playing Ms. Pac-Man with my mother; there was a machine in one of the restaurants where she worked, and we huddled over it many an afternoon, taking turns navigating the mazes and avoiding ghosts. With my father, […]


The Madonna and the Whore…or 50 Shades of Not-So-Blurred Lines

The internet is for porn The internet is for porn Why you think the net was born? Porn, porn, porn. ~”The Internet is For Porn,” Avenue Q I like innuendo. Sex jokes. Swear words. “Romantic” scenes in books and movies. Dark humor. I’m also Ms. Prim-and-Proper on the surface. It’s not an act, so much […]


Law & Order’s Gamergate Episode Gets It All Wrong

I hadn’t heard of the episode until the night that it aired. Even then I only noticed it whilst browsing Wednesday’s TV Guide: an episode of Law & Order SVU involving gaming, and, more specifically, violence against women in the gaming industry. My eyebrow was metaphorically raised in interest, but some skepticism kept me from […]


Power Hour Review: Life is Strange- Episode One: Chrysalis (XBox One)

DontNod Entertainment’s new episodic game, Life is Strange is the studio’s answer to the variety of games coming from Tell Tale Games. Life is Strange is point and click with an original storyline and a young female protagonist, Max, who attending high school, Blackwell Academy, in a  small town in Oregon when she discovers that […]


Power Hour Review: Darkest Dungeon

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, horror is one of my favorite genres when it’s done right. Good horror games blend amazing atmosphere, intriguing narratives, and clever game mechanics to create experiences that evoke engagement and emotion. I’ve been burned by horror games recently, but Darkest Dungeon reminds me of what I love about […]

New Kid on the Block: Ashley Barry

Not Your Mama’s Gamer is happy to welcome Ashley Barry as a guest writer to the site. She may be familiar to some as she was a guest on the podcast about a month ago. Listeners found her fun and engaging so we decided to ask her to come on in and sit a spell. […]