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Even Cute Monsters Have to Go: A Review of The Counting Kingdom (iOS)

It’s no secret that I have a real interest in games for educational purposes. And this interest extends to games that might be both fun and educational to my own 6 year old. So when I got the chance to review The Counting Kingdom by Little Worlds Interactive for iOS I jumped at it. The […]


Episode 90: Girls and Their Toys: On Toys Done Right

Episode 90: Girls and Their Toys: On Toys Done Right (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) As we get closer to Christmas we hope to turn to happier things…like toys. In this episode we wanted to talk about toys and the ones that we think get it right in terms of the […]


Power Hour Review: Never Alone (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Alaska carefully crafted in Upper One Games’ first creation Never Alone is as beautiful as it is haunting; as enchanting as it is perilous. In some of the most treacherous lands in the continent a young girl named Nuna, accompanied only by an arctic fox known simply as Fox, must traverse the frozen tundra, […]


Ethics in Games: Can You Ever Trust an Assassin?

I chuckle as I write this because I almost think that it will be more troll bait that will bring us more comments about feminazis and all of the awful things that should happen to them (yes, we don’t share those with you folks), but I have to write it. I’m a rhetor at heart. […]


Power Hour Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS)

One of the earliest farming simulation games, the Harvest Moon series tasks you with running and growing a farm and all the various tasks that entails. In addition to growing crops and raising animals, you also can collect wild plants, fish, dig for valuable items and minerals, and the like. The gameplay of most of […]


Kicking It Old School: Board Games and Nostalgia

Sometimes you just have to go old school with your gaming and I’m not talking Pac Man, I’m talking analog. Lately as I have been teaching more games courses I find myself drawn to playing more analog games. Not that I didn’t already, but the pull is strong of these cardboard behemoths. I love good […]


Episode 89: Spirits of Spring: A Case for Diversity in Games

Episode 89: Spirits of Spring: A Case for Diversity in Games (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) In this episode we talk about the Spirits of Spring, the new game that looks at bullying from Minority Media. Stay tuned after the closing for a ending spoiling chat between Sam and Charlotte.


Genre and Game Design

In this series we’ll be looking at some principles of game design, particularly as they relate to analysis and criticism. Genre is a useful concept for consumers and producers of media- identifying and classifying various texts as being part of a certain genre creates a set expectations. Of course, genre is a moving target, and […]


Power Hour Review: Fantasy Life (3DS)

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting for this game for months. When I saw that Level 5 Studios was making this game I was really hoping for a handheld Ni No Kuni type of game. But be forewarned, that is not what Fantasy Life is. Fantasy Life is a quest based […]


Fear Through Her Eyes: Analyzing the Female Character in Horror Games

The Final Girl: it’s a trope that’s sure to resonate with any horror fan, regardless of their level of interest or devotion to the genre. Referential to the trend of horror media leaving a solitary female character as its “last person standing,” The Final Girl is generally defined as being that remaining woman or girl […]