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Failing the The Zombie-Cat-Dresser Test, Divinity: Original Sin Power Hour Review

Divinity: Original Sin promises to give players the “freedom of a pen and paper RPG” in a video game. As any one who’s spent any amount of time playing pen and paper RPGs will tell you, that’s a pretty bold claim. So, does Divinity deliver on this promise? Personally, I’m not sure it’s really possible […]

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Lose your mind, eat your crew: Sunless Sea

With the tagline “Lose your mind, eat your crew”, how could you not want to give Sunless Sea a try? This narrative-horror-sea-roguelike just released on Steam and Humble Bundle, and is available on PC and Mac. The  game is currently still in early access, and the developers describe the present state of the game as […]


IGotW Review: Farm for Your Life

Cost: $9.99 Platforms: PC, Mac Rating: 8.5/10 In addition to doing reviews of new games, I decided to start reviewing my indie games of the week, for those who wanted a little more information that the quick segment I do in the podcast. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes don’t have the money or […]


Power Hour Review: Valiant Hearts

War, especially historical war, in video games is generally presented in a similar way across titles.  The player assumes the role of a heroic soldier who shoots and strategizes his way through enemy lines, making a name for himself and decimating enemy troops to achieve victory. Combat dominates the game’s experience. While war might not […]


“Story-Rich Female Protagonist Games”- Say what?

As we discussed in our podcast last week, one of the community-selected sales in Steam’s Summer Sale was “Story-Rich Female Protagonist” games. Dr. B and I were decidedly unsure what to think of this category. Of course, one of the first questions she had is whether the creation of this category was actually a positive […]


Power Hour Review: Remember Me

“What’s your name?” That simple question sets the scene for Capcom’s stunning new 3rd person, action-adventure game, Remember Me. Set in Neo-Paris, 2084, you play as Nillin, a memory hunter who had her memories wiped by the corporation Memorize. In this dystopian world, science has found a way to allow people to share their memories…directly. […]

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Trading Cards, Badges, and Levels: Steam Sales and Gamification

In the last few days I’ve crafted about nine badges, I’ve leveled up four times, and I’ve helped my team to victory once. I’ve earned some cosmetic enhancements for my profile, and I’ve done a lot of trading. If you play games on your PC, you probably already know what I’ve been doing: going broke […]


Power Hour Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of those games you cross your fingers for and hope it lives up to your expectations, or at least it was for me anyway. When I first learned about the development of this paranormal noir I became immediately invested. A game that infuses ghosts, mystery, and narrative seemed right up […]

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Power Hour Review: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

“Listen very carefully, and you might just survive.” Whimsy and intensity are skillfully intertwined in Big Robot’s new survival game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. From the moment the opening cinematic takes over the screen, a mellow, warm voice with a British accent politely informs you that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong with….something. The […]


Power Hour Review: Transistor (2014)

SuperGiant Games’ Transistor has long been on my “Waiting For With Bated Breath” list and this week my wait ended…with more waiting for a download. The wireless connection at my house this week has been moving like cold molasses through an IV tube 9and that’s being nice) so it definitely didn’t match up well with […]