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The Original Gender Reveal of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard Means Nothing, and Here’s Why

Late last week, Jonathan Cooper revealed on Twitter that, in the earliest animation tests for Mass Effect, the character of Commander Shepard was a woman, and the online equivalent of confetti was thrown by fans who played, and loved, Mass Effect through a female-centric lens. FemShep, after all, is the only Shep, right? Except that’s […]


Power Hour Review: Never Alone (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Alaska carefully crafted in Upper One Games’ first creation Never Alone is as beautiful as it is haunting; as enchanting as it is perilous. In some of the most treacherous lands in the continent a young girl named Nuna, accompanied only by an arctic fox known simply as Fox, must traverse the frozen tundra, […]


Tonight I Killed a God

WARNING: This post may be a little bit spoilery for the Destiny storyline, but it’s definitely worth the read Unless you’ve been under a NYMG you know by now that Alex and I have been playing a lot of Destiny (Bungie 2014)…and I do mean a lot. I won’t even begin to tell you how […]


Power Hour Review: Valiant Hearts

War, especially historical war, in video games is generally presented in a similar way across titles.  The player assumes the role of a heroic soldier who shoots and strategizes his way through enemy lines, making a name for himself and decimating enemy troops to achieve victory. Combat dominates the game’s experience. While war might not […]


Power Hour Review: State of Decay: Lifeline

The new DLC for Undead Labs’ State of Decay is more than an add-on: Lifeline is, in some ways, a whole new game. Lifeline brings a new map, new strategies, new characters, new story, and nearly a whole new feel to the table, and while part of the new frills are due to a game-wide […]


Power Hour Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of those games you cross your fingers for and hope it lives up to your expectations, or at least it was for me anyway. When I first learned about the development of this paranormal noir I became immediately invested. A game that infuses ghosts, mystery, and narrative seemed right up […]

Power Hour Review: Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 3: In Harm’s Way

With the third installment of the second season of Telltale Games’ take on the powerhouse Walking Dead franchise, the game seems to have finally hit its whole stride. This isn’t to say I didn’t love the first season, or the previous episodes in the follow-up, but the latest in the series feels more mature, more […]

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Power Hour Review: Child of Light

“Come, tuck yourself into bed / Let me tell a story / Of Lemuria, a kingdom past /And a girl born for glory,”  a woman lyrically instructs as the stylized game begins. Much as it’s opening lines suggest, Ubisoft’s new cross-platform RPG Child of Light in many ways resembles a fairytale. It’s gorgeous setting, poetic […]


Power Hour Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In the opening cinematic of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the titular character Claire “Lightning” Farron stands atop a clock tower, the glow of a fantastical city below her. She dramatically removes the sunglasses off her face, announcing her return not only to the fictional world that has progressed 500 years since her last appearance […]


Respect Your Elders: The Best of the Last Gen Systems

With last generation systems being so readily available at great prices this year they made great Christmas gifts and now new owners of these older systems are wondering which games are a solid bet. So this is where I give a totally objective list of 10 great games on each of the 3 major consoles […]