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Power Hour Review: Child of Light

“Come, tuck yourself into bed / Let me tell a story / Of Lemuria, a kingdom past /And a girl born for glory,”  a woman lyrically instructs as the stylized game begins. Much as it’s opening lines suggest, Ubisoft’s new cross-platform RPG Child of Light in many ways resembles a fairytale. It’s gorgeous setting, poetic […]

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Women and Technology and the Future of Games

Below is a post that follows in the vein of arguments I have made here and here about procedural ethics. Where many theories of games, and ways of analyzing games, start at the code and move forward, procedural ethics starts at the code and moves backwards. Rather than see code as something that solely influence by the […]

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Power Hour Review (Play With Your Kids Style): Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

My power hour review game for this month shouldn’t be much of a surprise if you’ve listened to the last podcast. I finally blew the dust off of my Wii U last month when I bought a copy of the latest Mario game. My Wii U hasn’t really gotten much use (read none) since Pea […]


Respect Your Elders: The Best of the Last Gen Systems

With last generation systems being so readily available at great prices this year they made great Christmas gifts and now new owners of these older systems are wondering which games are a solid bet. So this is where I give a totally objective list of 10 great games on each of the 3 major consoles […]


1Up!: Extra Lives, Cognition, and Family Holidays

Over the last couple of years there have been several studies (East Carolina University (US), Imperial College (London), NIA (US Gov), and more) that have suggested that learning something that is totally new can help to stave off Alzheimer’s Disease. The two most popular suggestions have been to either become bilingual or to play video […]


Thanksgiving Gaming; Finding Time to Play with your Family

As an avid gamer who is strapped for time, I find that the holidays are turning into my “binge gaming” sessions because of the time off from work. Unfortunately for me, Thanksgiving is held at my parents’ house every year and therefore instead of binge gaming I have had to clean, but the idea of […]


Looking from the Margins: Game Packaging by the Numbers

After spending some time earlier this year exploring the cover for Remember Me and other games featuring protagonists in comparable poses, I decided to do a little further study into game packaging, tallying the types of figures featured on best-selling game covers. I’ve seen a lot of game covers in my day, so it’s impossible […]


Power Hour Review: Ducktales Remastered

Power Hour Reviews are a new weekly NYMG feature in which we spend one intense hour playing newly released games in order to get a sense not only of game mechanics and characterization, but narrative as well. Let us spend our time first, so that you don’t have to waste yours. Ducktales: Remastered is the new […]


The Companion Games Manifesto

What does it mean to call a game a companion? Referring to a story, or a favorite fictional character, as a companion seems easy enough to understand. I imagine that most of us had our own fantasy worlds growing up, where we were Peter Pan or Dorothy, or Falcor. We had friends and enemies and […]


E3 2013: the Good, the Bad, and the WTF Microsoft?

As you all know, E3 was this past week and there have been a lot of amazing announcements during that time. Sony and Microsoft elaborated on next-gen console details and games coming out for them, Nintendo announced the release of games we’ve been waiting for for a long time for the Wii-U and IndieCade stocked […]