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Feminism and Video Games and Golf: Yep, This is Happening

Feminist work in game studies is sort of like playing golf. You hit 20 bad shots to every good shot, but that good shot is what keeps you coming back. You finally squared your hips correctly, didn’t take your eye of the ball, the WHAM! It goes soaring across the sky and lands beautifully on […]


Feminist Scholarship: To Label or Not to Label?

Lemme start this blog all feminist-style with a story. I got some feedback on my work recently that made me question what I’m doing with my dissertation. My diss work is on a theory I made up called procedural ethics (PE). PE, essentially, asks game scholars to start at the code and move backward, to […]


Is Tamriel the New Tuesday Cafe?

Now for all of you youngin’s who don’t know what Tuesday Cafe was let me start with a little story. As a new-ish grad student and a budding technorhetorician I entered Connections MOO on a Tuesday evening for the first time almost 20 years ago. The place was full of Taris, mdays, tengrrls, Kafkazs, and […]


Sparklegate and Silencing “Silliness”

Let me start by saying that I have not entirely been following the so-dubbed Spaklegate fiasco closely. Mostly what I’ve seen are hurt reactions by people who cared about what things like sparkleponies was doing for people, particularly for graduate students. It made us feel comfortable, and it let incoming academics know that 1) we […]


Beyond Bechdel, Part Two: Women in the Walking Dead

In the first part of this study of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, I questioned whether the Bechdel Test was the best benchmark for judging whether or not a piece of media had something to offer in terms of good female characterization. Is the Bechdel Test enough, or does even this bare minimum set the […]


On Sexual Silence and Violent Voice In the Military (Shooter)

Trigger warning: This post has brief descriptions and video depictions of violence, torture, and sexual assault. This week brought us closer to the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the mute, female sniper named Quiet. It also brought the announcement that the ESRB has coded the game with the sexual violence descriptor. […]


Looking From the Margins: The Best of 2013 in Box Art

In my continuing look at game covers, I thought I’d explore the best-rated games of 2013 according to Metacritic’s compiled review scores. So far, I’ve looked at top-selling games instead of best-rated, or I’ve looked at a particular selection, as when exploring Xbox indies, and the results have been surprisingly consistent in terms of gender […]


We Are Not Welcome Here: The Continued Plight of Women in Geek and Gaming Culture

Possible triggers: sexual violence and assault. Game developer Brianna Wu of Giant Spacekat recently wrote a an essay that started as an examination of a game-of-the-year podcast and became a critique of gaming podcasts in general, an essay demonstrating how the dominant paradigm in gaming journalism — typically straight, white, male writers — reflects the […]


On Bioshock Infinite and the Tea Party: A Not So Modest Proposal

This week gamers all over had a good giggle when news outlets started reporting that the Tea Party Facebook group had posted an image from Bioshock Infinite that had actually been making fun of the Tea Party’s philosophical foundations. The group quickly found themselves with no lack of folks informing them that they had indeed […]


Sexualizing the Apocalypse: Representations of Women in Zombie Games

Come the apocalypse, I want a good pair of boots, a comfy pair of cargo pants (not too baggy, not too tight), and something that covers my torso pretty completely (weight dependent on weather conditions). You know, failing full body armor or a suit made from sixteen rolls of duct tape. Long story short? I […]