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Getting Touchy Feely With Your Handheld: On Nostalgia and Video Games

Ok, the title is a little provocative, but this post might not be as outrageous as you might think. This week I’ve been re-reading Earnest Cline’s Ready Player One with one of my classes and it has really made me nostalgic for the games of my youth. I spent a lot of time in arcades […]


Nintendo’s Gender Problem

I admit it, sometimes I feel like I’m being a little bit hard on Nintendo and of the various studios they direct and/or publish for when I critique the way they present gender in their games. After all, in comparison to some of the other big name game studios, they tend to be one of […]


Gender Roles in Character Classes

Fantasy Life, Level-5′s semi-recent contribution to the Nintendo 3DS’s impressive array of games, is all about (as the title suggests) living your role playing fantasies. Although light on plot and structure, the game’s numerous character classes and the ease in which you can transition between them makes it a memorable and enjoyable experience. And the […]


Power Hour Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS)

One of the earliest farming simulation games, the Harvest Moon series tasks you with running and growing a farm and all the various tasks that entails. In addition to growing crops and raising animals, you also can collect wild plants, fish, dig for valuable items and minerals, and the like. The gameplay of most of […]


Power Hour Review: Fantasy Life (3DS)

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting for this game for months. When I saw that Level 5 Studios was making this game I was really hoping for a handheld Ni No Kuni type of game. But be forewarned, that is not what Fantasy Life is. Fantasy Life is a quest based […]


Power Hour Review: Super Smash Bros (3DS)

It may be a little odd to think of Super Smash Bros. as a stand-alone, legitimate handheld title. Although I had bought into the hype long ago and had already mentally committed myself to buying it, I had my doubts about the new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Super Smash Bros., after all, was a […]


Not All Female Player Character Options Are Created Equal

I have a love-hate relationship with Harvest Moon DS Cute. For those who are (perhaps blissfully) unaware, Harvest Moon is a series of farming simulation games that incorporate elements and tasks of real, and even ordinary, life. In addition to planting and tending crops, collecting wild plants, fishing, digging, and animal husbandry, the games all […]


It’s Just a Game: Nintendo’s “Social Commentary” Justification

In a shockingly poor, not to mention homophobic and just generally nonsensical, moment of PR, Nintendo admitted today that they will not include same sex relationships in their upcoming social game Tomodatchi Life. Tomodatchi Life seems to be00 a mixture of the Sims, Animal Crossing, and their Mii avatar creation systems and games where players […]


Power Hour Review: Disney’s Magical World

So my love of/addiction to the Animal Crossing games that have appeared on the Nintendo DS is no secret, so when I learned about Disney’s Magical World I quickly hit pre-order because how much fun would it be to world build with Disney characters? Magical World is another in a series of life simulation games […]


Play With Your Kids: Yoshi’s New Island Edition

The Yoshis are back and their fixing a mix up from the stork. Having never played a Yoshi game before, the new 3DS version seemed like a good opportunity to jump into the franchise. The 3DS has done wonders for catching me up with the old school Nintendo platformers so I was pretty confident that […]