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Capcom and the Decline of the Japanese Presence in the North American Game Market: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

There is no denying the change in perception of gamer demographics in the past few years.  Video/computer games in the early to mid-90’s were made for an adolescent male audience by male programmers, though this isn’t all that surprising, considering that most of the people who would consider themselves “gamers” were male.  The hardcore/casual divide […]

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The Women of Mortal Kombat

  As I played the new Mortal Komat, I was struck by how similar this game seemed to the ones I had always played: similar characters, similar scenes, and similar moves. I’d like to imagine that video game companies are under pressure to develop their characters to move away from the disgruntled, white, male protagonist. […]


Is Sexism Intrinsic to Technology? An Introspection

I’m writing this as a response to a thoughtful article called “If tech discussion was really about tech, it wouldn’t be sexist” by Restructure.  The author writes, “There is sexism in tech culture. However, I continue to love tech, because I think of the sexism as a separate, unnecessary appendage to pure tech. I cannot […]