Vagina Envy: Misogyny and the Gaming Community

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1 Response

  1. Soylent Dave says:

    Part of this is just the way women are treated online – like the internet is a boy’s club and no girls are allowed.

    (There was a bit of a blow-up in the UK a few months ago along similar when various female bloggers decided that they’d actually tell people the sort of vile things that got said to them, and even as someone who knows a lot of female writers (and lives with one), it was pretty eye-opening just how widespread this sort of attitude is)

    It should just be a tragic example of how nerdy some grown men still are – but actually it’s downright sinister.

    The gaming community has got by for far too long with the excuse that its members are nerds, that this sort of dysfunctional behaviour is to be expected and tolerated. We can explain these attitudes as part of the geek stereotype – fear of girls, fear of change, fear of being excluded if things become more mainstream… but it’s none of that. It’s just bigotry, plain and simple.

    Gaming is incredibly misogynistic (and racist, but that’s another issue). It’s a white boy’s club, and that’s evident in the games that are being made.

    So when a developer actually makes an effort to appeal to just people rather than boys, and they (or – of course – the female developers involved) get attacked for it… it’s sickening.

    We as gamers, and as an industry, shouldn’t be standing for this.