Call of Duty: Bro Ops; Virtual Bullying Entering the Real World

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2 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    My first experience of online multiplayer FPS was a shocking one. As soon as someone heard my voice I became an immediate target of both verbal abuse and in-game abuse. Male players would set out to kill me, excluding all others, just because I was the only female in the match. I was so shocked and upset after trying multiplayer that one single time that I now only play with trusted friends I know IRL or through my IRL friends in private games. It’s the only way I can actually get better at a game and enjoy myself.

    The strange thing is that this culture seems to remain mostly in online FPS as I have felt comfortable playing many other online RPGs. What is it about FPS that brings out this violent and hateful behavior?

  2. dr. b. says:

    My experience playing multiplayer in FPSes has been much the same. Unfortunately I played a lot before I just got fed up and stopped playing multiplayer all together. For me that means that I rent all FPSes and play through the campaigns in a couple of hours and return them. I know that there are other women out there who do the same or just don’t play them at all.

    At some point the game companies are going to have to realize that they are losing a lot of potential income. I guess it’s hard for them to see when Halo 4 and BLOPs are making $220 and $500 million, respectively, in their first 24 hours, but missed money is still just that. I think that their marketing, design choices, etc all lend to this culture of sexism and misogyny. No women in the game means that women shouldn’t be playing, right? Women as sex objects in the game, release parties at strip clubs, half naked booth babes at cons….that’s the way we’re supposed to treat all women right?

    For now I just stick to playing RPGs for multiplayer and playing with women I still have in my friends list from the old days of Gamerchix or that I know from other online fora. Hang in there, Danielle!!