On Gender, Mickey and Hardcore Gaming

Episode 2: Who Ya Callin’ Hardcore?!? (“Save As” to download)

The second episode of Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast where Alex, Sarah, and I talk about gender, hardcore gamers, 3D technology, depression, Sam’s video game compulsion, and Disney’s Epic Mickey. Don’t worry it all comes together nicely.

Links of Note:
Video Game Addiction Tied to Depression Study
Alex’s Guest Spot on Armchair Arcade
Nintendo Warns Parent’s About 3DS and kids’ eyesight (CNN)
3DS May Help Uncover Undiagnosed Vision Problems

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One Response to “On Gender, Mickey and Hardcore Gaming”

  1. dr. b. says:

    SO I listened to the second episode and discovered that there was a weird 3 minute silent spell about 20 minutes from the end. I went in and edited out and uploaded the edited version to the server.

    I also thought about some of the things that we talked about in the podcast. Sarah said that Bejeweled isn’t gendered. I have to disagree I think that it is gendered even in it’s design. I think the use of colorful jewels in and of itself is stereotypical. I also have to call myself on saying that the time management games are all female themed. As I was grocery shopping and standing in line I was looking for a way to pass the time in the crazy Super Bowl Saturday line and found Game Dev Story on my phone. It’s a game design company time management game, but this is still new. Just sayin’ :-)