Analysis of Blizzard Inc. Employee Code of Conduct

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  1. Don says:

    While it may not pertain directly to what you’re doing in your thesis, it might be interesting to compare and contrast this code of conduct to how Blizzard deals with race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. outside the company. One good example with lots of documentation might be when Blizzard reprimanded guilds for openly recruiting LGBT members. Guilds like Stonewall Champions and Spreading Taint on the Proudmore server were punished fro violating the WoW EULA by even advertising sexual orientation as a criteria (in a sort of reverse discrimination policy). So for all the homophobic banter in the game, this incident remains one of the most highly publicized instances where Blizzard took any position on game play and sexual orientation in relation to its customers.

    Just an idea of how these things get enacted in the public, not sure how you’d find out what happens internally without risking someone’s job.

    • alexlayne says:

      My analysis part is specifically focusing on publicly available corporate policies, but I could definitely use that for showing a possible link between the policy and the behavior. As Blizzard seems it is unimportant to protect their employees from harassment or even pretend to be open minded, it doesn’t surprise me that they stifle players who want to do things like create safe spaces. If you have any sources on this, definitely shoot them my way. I’ve been struggling with how to end each analysis, and a nice (horrible) anecdote might be just the thing. Thanks Don!