Play With Your Kids: Narrative Modding as Gaming Strategy in Ni No Kuni

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3 Responses

  1. Alisha Karabinus says:

    Jack loves to act out scenes while we’re playing, too! I never really thought of it as being part of the game, but he will beg one of us to play with him and he’ll play for a few minutes, then turn the controller over and pick up a toy sword or whatever improvised weapon comes to hand and then start getting crazy all over the living room. I love it.

  2. Alexander B. says:

    That sounds fantastic. Even being an adult doing those extra things to expand a game sounds like fun. :)Kind of reminds me of when I was little my sister and I would play Mario and play that the floor was lava jumping from chair to And thank you for the spoiler warning I’m still playing through little by little, too many games right now. XD

  3. dr. b. says:

    It would have usually taken me a lot longer to finish this game as well (if I had ever finished it at all) but with Pea expecting her play time every night it was really easy to finish this one! Today, Tinkerbell and Merida went on a long quest of their own and battled more than a few bosses. No one is free from the influence of Ni No Kuni.