Why Did the Animal Cross the Road?: Gaming With Your Kids

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8 Responses

  1. Jon W. says:

    Marcella and I have been playing the crop out of New Leaf. She has started a lemonade stand (irl) to try and earn money for her own 3DS. She’s almost eight, and is more obsessed with this game than any other game she’s played. Luckily for me, she knows not to mess my stuff up or she’ll get kicked out of the city. I am the mayor, after all.

    • dr. b. says:

      I just call it “tough love”. I did buy her a bunch of stuff that she will love in my town and in other folks’ towns to get her started though. We should exchange friend codes Jon!

  2. Sarah says:

    New information on Pokemon X and Y and all the buzz I’ve heard regarding New Leaf has made me really want a 3DS. But why must it cost so much and is it really worth purchasing if I’m mainly just interested in one or two games…? Curse you Nintendo!

  3. Yeah, this was pretty terrible. I kept thinking that we’d find out more about the White Witch and that Shadar would turn out to be double-crossing her and the council to get some sort of super-power and take over once and for all. I thought the Tale of Wonder about the boy who wanted the power of the gods was an allusion to Shadar, and foreshadowing to his character or what he had done. Instead we defeat Shadar, find out everything about him, find out everything about Oliver, and then literally while we’re having a victory party we’re told to beat the White Witch. For reasons. Because she wants to end the world with manna. For reasons. The main Shadar plot was kind of weak and badly told, but once they went beyond that it fell apart completely.

  4. Alexander B. says:

    lol Goodness your going to start having nightmares about Ni No Kuni.

  5. Justin says:

    I streetpassed you the other day! I liked the theme of your house, and it worked out great because I was able to order that cool capsule machine you had. ^^