Dead Island Girl

Hardcore Mama: Should Kids Be Off Limits?

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2 Responses

  1. Becoming a parent has *massively* sensitized me to children in games. Before our first child was born, kids and parenting were basically demographic data to me. Now, the games and game content you describe reach past my strategic analysis mind and rip open my lizard brain.

    My children, now 12 and 16, find this amusing, sometimes, and nice, other times.

  2. dr. b. says:

    @Bryan I have been pleased to see men coming out and talking about these issues in gaming spheres as well. When I initially thought about it I was hesitant to talk much about it in public because I didn’t want it to be reduced to a “woman’s issue”by some of the jerks in the gaming community. It is being kind of blown off by some folks, but at least it can’t be done because it’s a “girl thing”. My response is that some folks can’t understand because they don’t yet have a full range of human experience…or maybe they’re just sociopaths! LOL