Episode 60: Redeemed by the Blood: The One Drop Redemption Rule for Minority Protagonists

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  1. dr. b. says:

    So, the first thing that I thought about after we finished up last night and while I was editing the show was Lee from The Walking Dead. Did he hold up to the one drop rule? And then I thought about it and the answer was of course he did. Not only was he stereotyped as the murderer/falsely accused murderer, but he also ends up dead. He has to die. In the story that unfolds for Lee there is no way that he can live. He is not “good” enough too. He is tried and found wanting at various and sundry turns throughout the game. The only reason that he stay alive as long as he does is because of Clem. Narratively (and in his own mind) he finds the fortitude to live long enough to get Clem to the point that he promised. Not to safety, but to the point of finding her parents as he promises that first day. Once that promise is fulfilled he no longer has a purpose.