Power Hour Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (XBox 360)


Power Hour Reviews are a new weekly NYMG feature in which we spend one intense hour playing newly released games in order to get a sense not only of game mechanics and characterization, but narrative as well. Let us spend our time first, so that you don’t have to waste yours.

Here is the second review in our new Power Hour series. As the resident adventure game addict I decided to do a twelfth hour switch and review Brothers: A Tale of Two Brothers this month rather than the US release of Earthbound as I promised in the last podcast. I’ll talk about Earthbound on the next podcast (or before). So take a few minutes kick back and press play to check out our latest review of the first hour of Brothers.

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One Response to “Power Hour Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (XBox 360)”

  1. Alexander B. says:

    Cool, I was wondering about this one, almost grabbed it last night. So I’ll probably pick it up this weekend. The control scheme sounds quite interesting.