Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine: On Race and Sex in Saints Row IV

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4 Responses

  1. Kunzelman says:

    This is a great article, and it really gets at some of the reservations that I’ve had about SR4 and its position as an exploitation game. I feel like SR4 is just as problematic in its re-presentation of the problems it is lampooning as any other game that purportedly criticizes through recreation.

    • dr. b. says:

      Thanks! But I’ve been struggling with why this is so much more problematic for me (as in can’t play it problematic) than GTAV and I think that the answer is nostalgia. I am working through this in my head and on paper for my post this week. Let’s see how it comes out 😉

  2. Richard Jones says:

    Yeah, I’m sorry for recommending Saints Row 3 to you.

    • dr. b. says:

      Richard! We’ve missed you! :-) No apologies necessary. The games weren’t for me, but they have really been fruitful in terms of getting me to think about that fine line of racial representation that exists for all of us and just what it takes to cross it. Keep an eye out for my post this week to see how I muddle through!