Power Hour Review: Pokemon X & Y

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2 Responses

  1. Alexander B. says:

    I grabbed Y, and started with Fennekin and Squirtle. Loved the new graphics, it’s great to see how big or small the Pokemon are compared to each other in battles. I beat the elite four last night and by that point I was about 10levels higher then them and they weren’t too tough. The only thing I’m disappointed in is that we have to wait till December to transfer our Pokemon from Pokemon Black 2/White 2. Don’t really feel like going after finishing the Pokedex till I do.

    • Nicole Marie says:

      I also started with Fennekin and Squirtle! I have always picked the fire type option as my starter and I really wanted to pick Charmander as my second starter, but I had to even out my heavy hitters with a strong water type. The Mega-Evolved Blastoise is pretty awesome as well.

      I am also disappointed that there is such a large wait time on the transfer from Black/White 2, but with how little time I get to play I might not even beat the Elite Four by then. I don’t think I would go after completing the Pokedex until the tranfer occurs either!