Realism, Redux: Advancing in State of Decay: Breakdown

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6 Responses

  1. Alexander B. says:

    Wow that sounds intense as hell. I die allot bto where no ones really around long enough to get attached too. lol

  2. kevin says:

    Im currently ranked #2 in the best playthrough and my score has frozen 250 points awy from number 1. Im sure you can understand my frustration! im on the xbox360 and my gamertag is ImEntity. Im even willing to offer a reward if someone can help me find a solution

  3. Alisha Karabinus says:

    They’ve talked about it on the forums and are looking for people to export their saves and send them in (there are directions there), but I don’t know if it fixes it. My score did start updating again after two levels, but I’m still real burnt about the tens of thousands of points lost. I can’t imagine how you feel!

  4. kevin says:

    Yes ive seen what your referring to at undeadlabs forum and ive mentioned my issue to them. They also make cryptic references in one section of their forum about certain cheating detection methods they use. In looking into this bug and other peoples experiences with it as well as my own, it seems that if you exit your game at certain key times such as during a mission or a fight this can incorrectly trigger one of their cheat detection methods. Thank you for your response and my earlier offer still stands if you learn any info about this bug.

  5. kevin says:

    Let me get this straight. your score froze and you went through the whole “fix up the RV and move on” process twice and then your score started to work again minus those two stages? Did you know your score wasn’t working during those two stages and you kept going in the hope that it would fix itself, or did you not notice it until two stages later? Ill try playing for two more stages and if it works Ill be more than happy to reward you for this info.

  6. Alisha Karabinus says:

    There’s no need for a reward; I’m here to report on my experiences in general. But yes, after two levels, my score started showing up again (though I couldn’t tell you why or what I was doing differently), so if you’re that close to the top spot, advance and see what happens, I’d say.