Sparklegate and Silencing “Silliness”

3 Responses

  1. KKLee says:

    The Gawker author admits in a comment, “But this isn’t Gawker mean-dude cred so much as a lit-writing-theory PhD candidate poking the rhet-comp folks.”

    So that’s what this is all about, the rivalry between literature and rhet-comp. Not to offer any genuine critique, but just to bash our field. We could do the same thing to MLA’s conference – flip through the program and mock what appears to us to be silly academic frippery. Ordinarily this author’s mean-dudeishness would maybe appear on a lit blog, but he’s a Gawker writer, so his scorn has received a much wider audience. Thanks, Gawker!

    Also – I kind of want one of those sparkleponies.

    • alexlayne says:

      Well, I certainly don’t think that’s what it’s “all” about. It seems indicative of a much deeper and systematic problem. But as far as his flippancy and not the actual issue, I can definitely see that rivalry playing a big role.

    • alexlayne says:

      They are highly sought after! I think I have one from the first year they did it too.