Feminist Scholarship: To Label or Not to Label?

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  1. Don says:

    I’m having a similar issue in relation to an article I am working on, and I think your comments speak to a larger problem in Rhet/Comp. I bring in work identified as feminist rhetorics (particularly in PW and computers and writing) to talk about queer rhetorics, and one reviewer seems to think it would be better to use queer theoretical work in another field instead. Comments read as if “this isn’t queer enough.” I draw from the scholarship that I do because I’m hoping the work will be of some use to multiple, specific audiences (and because my methods and goals are more inspired by and in line with the feminist scholars I cite). However, the reviewer may be commenting based on who they think will read the article rather than who I want to read the article.

    I have no easy answers for you, but I do think that if you make some “popular” articles or a book from the diss, you might have less issues later and be able to call your work whatever you want, I guess. The people you’d like to read it wouldn’t be reading the diss itself, right? Also, can you make this a footnote in the diss itself some how?