False Utopia and The Land of the Meritocrasaurus Rex

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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy Cushman says:

    This is a powerful post alexlayne. And the Arrington quotes juxtaposed against what a few of the women in the field have had to say exposes an (more than unfortunately) old issue. Institutionalized meritocrasy seems to me to be as old as the notion that abstract reason and logic will always solve problems. I can hear in Arrington a 19th century dude in a black top hat claiming to be an “enlightenment” progressive. He’s telling the world that he loves women and sees nothing wrong with allowing them onto a late 19th century public stage: Let’s hear what she has to say. But if we really are going to listen, she better sound just like we boys do. She better not talk about issues that are better suited for the home (i.e. left in private). What that means is she better not talk about bodies or gender. That’s not the kind of thing we award merit for in this egalitarian, abstract view of the world. These open source conferences you describe sound worse the Greek Agora. At least the Greeks admitted their dislike/distrust of women. These guys seem to hate them so much they can’t even tell them they hate them.

    What I really wish… is that this was shocking. I’d even take surprising.

    Please excuse the ‘downer’ post. It’s my first reaction.

  2. alexlayne says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful response Jeremy. I have to agree, when I read stuff like this I get so angry it’s difficult to respond academically.

    You are, very unfortunately, completely right. I hadn’t thought about the connection to the agora. I will think more about that. Next post? Perhaps.