Debunking the “Lovable Pervert”

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2 Responses

  1. James Patton says:

    Well said. One of my biggest problems with this trope is that rather than condemning people who sexually harass others, it turns them all into people who could, maybe, theoretically be changed into warm, loving, heart-of-gold characters. This is a dangerous way to present harassment because of the way that abuse works: it’s all too easy for a victim of abuse to forgive their abuser when the abuser pleads with them and promises it won’t happen again, which is generally followed by a forgiveness/honeymoon period before the abuse reoccurs and cycle repeats. Filling people’s heads with this “lovable harasser” trope is only going to reinforce that cycle and make it more difficult for victims to realise that their abusers won’t change.

    • dr. b. says:

      Bravely Default is definitely guilty of running with the “boys will be boys/pervs” mentality and that their harassment is all light hearted fun. I look at it and often wonder about the chicken/egg question. Are we seeing this trope continually because men are buying into this BS or are we seeing more harassment IRL because the trope carries on in all of our media? Thanks for the comment, James.