Feminism is Not a Bad Word

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  1. Jean Kalyx says:

    You are aware the PR stunt was done by self-identifying feminist, right?

    Also there’s a reason we are highly skeptical when Anita or Quinn speak of significant threats vs… say… Zelda Williams receiving harrassment. One side has a history of dishonesty and stands to financially gain from victimhood, while the other has no possible gain.

    I don’t mind the #HeForShe thing so much, only that it maintains the tribal aspect of it. We should all look out for each other wherever injustice rears its head – not just men helping women. I know women who would scoff at a campaign like this.

    Still, it’s leagues better than the cult-like ListenAndBelieve thing. How creepy is that!

  2. Alisha says:

    I think it might be more accurate to just say it was trolls upon trolls. Trolls all the way down, as someone on Reddit put it. Who knows if these dudes actually support anything other than themselves — that’s all anyone’s really been able to figure out about them so far. Well, that and the shady YouTube business.

  3. Jean Kalyx says:

    No, they were self identifying feminists. It’s a registered company and they did it partly to shut down 4chan – as many news outlets reported it as a 4chan threat and they didn’t have the decency to correct anyone about it. This isn’t speculation.

    But yeah I’ll agree it’s still troll behavior, ironically so.

  4. Alisha Karabinus says:

    The early reports stated it was a registered company. Newer reports indicated that it does not exist but is instead affiliated with a group known for internet pranks and inflated YouTube views, as of two days ago. If there has been another development, please point me to it; I’d love to see the latest.

  5. Jean Kalyx says:

    Oh boy, one of those things. I’ll triple check the absolute latest and perhaps there’s something between both our observations. Be back later.

    Silly internet.

  6. Jean Kalyx says:

    Oh yeah it seems to be a major hoax. Currently the official site is “hacked” while there is no proof that they were ever a company. You’re correct.

    I do have a theory that was still slightly purposed to kill 4chan, probably by moot himself, but I would be riffing at that point.