How Are Video Games Like Breakfast Cereal?

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  1. Adam says:

    Nintendo used to have the Game Boy E-Reader, so you could buy Pokémon cards and get a random assortment of characters and scan them into games, if I recall. Thinking further back there was the digi-pets, like Digimon and Tamogatchi. I suppose it wasn’t so much a central hub for games to plug into, but doling out parts of an experience so that you needed to collect ’em all for the full game.
    I think that “collectable” element is key, or even more so the growing chase element you see in these figures. Physical demand for DLC, almost. If just anyone can go online and drop 5 bucks for the DLC, it’s lacking the excitement of finding the figure in a store. Or finding a character to use that your friend can’t find. And instead of it being in-game, you have to physically find it and pay for it. The rare physical item drop!