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Girlcraft, the Kickstarter that stalled (and thank goodness)

Recently, one of the other women on the NYMGamer team shared a link to a Kickstarter for “Girlcraft,” a proposal for a Minecraft knockoff branded for girls. Same ideas, just pink and purple and full of fairies and rainbows. My heart sank as I read the description, but it didn’t matter in the end — […]


Sunday Morning Mama Musings: Girls and STEM

I love weekends, but not because I get to hangout out later or sleep longer in the mornings because there is none of that when you have young children. I love weekends because we can cheat on bedtime a little and do more of the stuff that gets cut short with dinner prep, homework, and […]


Play With Your Kids: Passing on a Gamer’s Legacy

As a young child, I played games with both my mother and father in different ways. I remember playing Ms. Pac-Man with my mother; there was a machine in one of the restaurants where she worked, and we huddled over it many an afternoon, taking turns navigating the mazes and avoiding ghosts. With my father, […]


Minecraft as carrot: engagement, gaming and the acquisition of transferable skills

Way back in early 2012, I bought my son a little mouse for his fourth birthday. He had played a few very simple computer games at preschool and at the library, and of course he loved the Xbox 360 and his iPad, but he hadn’t shown any real interest in our computers. The computers at […]


Episode 75: If Not Points and Badges, Then What?: On Gamification

Episode 75: If Not Points and Badges, Then What: On Gamification (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode where we talk about gamification and the future of games based learning. Definitely a fun way to learn more about games and learning.


Definitely Not Cocktail Party Talk: On Taking Gaming Public

Yesterday I was sitting in the coffee shop reading Miguel Sicart’s latest book, Beyond Choices: The Design of Ethical Gameplay and giggling at the passage that read Cocktail parties are terrible places for doing philosophy. Yet when a polite stranger asks me what I do, I end up awkwardly explaining what ethics is, and how […]


The Monster Within: Papo & Yo As A Meaningful Experience

So Papo & Yo (Minority Media, 2012) is a game that I have been interested in playing for a while. When the indie title appeared on PS3 about a year ago I did a bit of research to see what other folks were saying about the title. I was simultaneously intrigued and disturbed. If you […]


Play With Your Kids: Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch

I’ve kind of fallen behind in a lot of things in recent weeks and one of them has definitely been my posts on what it’s like to game with children. Not as in having children, but physically with a child. As we wait for the new Lego City Wii U game to release our Wii […]


On Engagement, Education, and Games Research

So, I wanna get a bit more serious than usual for a second here. There have been a number of posts about games and education floating around in my head and in various states of completion digitally for a while now. Perhaps it’s time they come to light. Rather than calling this a brain dump […]


The Role of the Student in the Game of Education

  So I’m reading this book called Finite and Infinite Play by James P. Carse, a religion professor.  His take on play has inspired some interesting possibilities that I can see being very useful in the current debate about gaming and education. First, and he makes this very clear, “whoever must play, cannot play” (his […]