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The Sad State of Facebook Gaming Ads

The advertisements that appear on the sidebars of Facebook pages are creepy. It’s true for a number of reasons. For instance I’ve heard stories passed around of people – specifically “edgy” looking girls – who have posted pictures on their personal social media pages only to have their faces wind up on ads from everything […]


Even Facebook is Attempting to Do Things Right

So, I know that Facebook doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with video games (yes you can play games on it, but the sole purpose is not intended for that!), but while browsing through the daily news I found an article that I had to write about. Soraya Chemaly of Feminism is Fantastic wrote an opinion […]

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Do video games influence social constructions in meat space?

Well, yes. I’ve argued again and again that gender, race, class, and all sorts of social constructions can be influenced by the way those things are depicted in entertainment media like video games. But, I’m a hypocrite. I would also argue against anyone who claims that violence in video games makes kids more violent. In […]

Episode 4: Reality is Broken and Fantasy May Not Be Much Better Off!

Episode 4: Reality is Broken and the Fantasy May Not Be Much Better Off! (“Save As” to download) The fourth episode of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast is live and ready for download. This is the episode that was supposed to talk about intersectionality and games, but we never quite made it there because […]

Episode 3: Skinner Box Logic, Facebook, MMORPGs, and Freemium Games

Episode 3: Skinner Box Logic, Facebook, MMORPGs, and Freemium Games (“Save As” to download) The episode in which we talk about Skinner Box logic, Facebook games, and MMORPGs. Dr. B. drops the F-bomb twice and apologizes profusely and Alex reviews Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. […]


I’m Not Addicted, I’m Just Conditioned This Way.

So this week Alex did 2 things to suck my time dry. First she talked me into going back into WoW and then she agreed to my hair-brained idea to make a video about Skinner Box Logic in video games. To make it even funnier, we spaced it and made the video and then did […]