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Moving Real World Consequences Into the Game

It was only just a few days ago that I watched NFL athlete and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice attack his wife in a brutal case of physical domestic violence. I’d heard about the incident in passing but it wasn’t until someone told me about it in detail that I really knew I had […]


When the Innocuous Becomes Harmful

In my experience as a consumer of Japanese animation, I have found that most anime can be grouped into two overarching categories. The first are those that actively embrace fanservice or, in other words, scenes or even full sequences that pander to the male gaze in a distinctly sexual way. This can be anything from […]


What Depression Quest Has to Teach Us About Living with Mental Illness

*Trigger Warning: brief discussions of suicide follow as well as discussions of depression below.* The news of actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death by suicide came to my attention from all sides this week. My family was talking about it in person as it buzzed across the daily news. Across my social media dashes pictures, […]


As Seen On TV: The Impact of a Reluctance to Advertise on Female-Led Games

Sometime around the start of the holiday season in 2008 was when I first saw it. Mirror’s Edge had never been on my radar before, but as soon as I saw its advertisement during the commercial breaks of whatever show I had on at the time I became enchanted. Parkour and freerunning wasn’t especially popular […]


When Smack Talk Goes Too Far: Discrimination in Professional e-Sports

The various federations and organizations devoted to professional gaming and electronic sports, known appropriately as “e-sports,” strive for legitimacy and professionalism. Although e-sports continue to grow across the world and have seen a recent surge in popularity in the past few years with the online accessibility of big name events like the Evolution Championship Series […]


Same Face Syndrome or Why Scruffy-White-Dude Protagonists Don’t Help Anyone

The face of game protagonists is looking rather generic. If you were to poll gamers as to what the average playable character looks like, chances are there would be a general consensus among the answers. It’d almost certainly be a white man. He’d likely be in his late twenties or early thirties with a hardened […]

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Swimsuits for Sales: The Plague of Objectifying DLC Costumes

In an effort to promote Namco’s recent edition in the Soul Calibur franchise- Soul Calibur: Lose Swords, a free to play downloadable game available for PS3 – and perhaps in an attempt to boost the fighting franchise’s relevancy, Namco will be offering their players the chance to attain some “season appropriate” downloadable content for the […]

October 17th, 2012 @ 22:18:02

Assassinating the Excuses

(Ignore the pun, I couldn’t help myself.) Since Ubisoft made their controversial comments last week regarding why they had decided to not include female assassins in their latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I’ve seen a lot of problematic justification going around. While plenty of concerned players and developers alike (including myself) have taken […]


Just too Inconvenient

E3 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times to be a gamer. It’s a week of thrilling announcements, new games, and industry advancements. I know that I for one spent practically my whole day on Monday watching the press conferences and gaming chatter. The discussions and “meeting of the minds” is what I probably […]

The "Toppled Pink Castles" level in Continue?9876543210

What is a feminist game, anyway?

“Why not just review a feminist game?” I was discussing several new games with a friend and trying to decide which one I would write a review for last week, when he asked me that question. At first I thought he was kidding, but he asked again— “No, seriously. It’s a feminist gaming site, right? […]