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Single Girl Syndrome

For me Mario Party showdowns begin long before the actual competition, at least in the early editions anyway. It doesn’t begin the first time we enter a mini-game or a lost duel. No, it begins at the character selection screen where, as long as I’m playing with at least one other woman anyway, the battle […]


She’s So Bossy: Kid-Targeted Roles in Everything from Games to Cartoons

Earlier this week Lean In partnered with the Girl Scouts of America to initiate a campaign to encourage young girls to take leadership roles by reducing the stigma they often face for speaking up or taking charge. While this may be a mark of leadership in boys, such behavior in girls is often coded as […]


Holding Your Tongue (Or Facebook Status) on Feminist Issues?

The other day in my job search seminar class we discussed a topic that seems to make a lot of job-seeking, soon-to-be-graduates flinch: the increasing emphasis recruiters and employers place upon potential candidates’ social media pages. Of course this isn’t anything new, and a rather large number of the class seemed to have already planned […]


The Sad State of Facebook Gaming Ads

The advertisements that appear on the sidebars of Facebook pages are creepy. It’s true for a number of reasons. For instance I’ve heard stories passed around of people – specifically “edgy” looking girls – who have posted pictures on their personal social media pages only to have their faces wind up on ads from everything […]


Bringing #NotBuyingIt into Video Games

This past weekend during the Super Bowl thousands took to Twitter to address their concerns over representation in advertisements during the various commercial breaks that are arguably as watched as the game itself. Each tweet called out various offenses that a number of companies were guilty of – lack of representation, unhealthy representation, and over-sexualization […]


Gender and Gaming Identity: Gee and Deterents to Identity Creation

Games scholar James Paul Gee introduces the idea of an intersection between identity and learning in his book entitled What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy, through which he infers that video games are particularly able to encourage the player to assume the identities and mindsets necessary for learning.┬áThe ideas and […]


Get In the Kitchen and Knit Me a Sweater; Or, The Trope of the Good Mother in the Maker Movement

So it’s no secret that I have a penchant for Kickstarter projects. I have backed more projects that make the geek world more accessible to children in general and girls in particular than I care to remember, everything from flash cards, to games (board and video), to graphic novels, and iPad apps. I want my […]


The Power in Pink?: Thinking About Princesses and Feminism

Let me start by saying something that anyone who has ever listened to our show already knows…I Hate Pink! I have hated pink for so long and with such passion that I can no longer remember if I have always hated pink or if I hate pink because of all that it has come to […]


Female Friendship in The Last of Us’ New DLC

A video released the other day for the upcoming The Last of Us DLC gave an encouraging glimpse into something that I have come to realize is sorely lacking from video games: female friendships. In the clip Riley (who I was excited to see is a person of color), who is alluded to be one […]


Beyond Bechdel: Secondary Women in The Walking Dead

Recently there’s been a lot of discussion in the media about the top films of 2013 and the Bechdel test. Movies with real, rounded female characters are doing well, by the numbers, and with award season picking up, we’ll likely see more of these reports. Unfortunately, anyone who studies the gaming industry knows the same […]