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All harassment is not created equal: why we need to pay attention to rampant online sexism

A recent post on the Feminist Frequency tumblr titled “One Week of Harassment on Twitter” detailed just that — a week’s worth of tweets directed at Feminist Frequency, at Anita Sarkeesian, and at feminists in general, especially those associated in any way with gaming critique. Some are wildly ridiculous, almost funny, like this one, that […]


Gender Roles in Character Classes

Fantasy Life, Level-5′s semi-recent contribution to the Nintendo 3DS’s impressive array of games, is all about (as the title suggests) living your role playing fantasies. Although light on plot and structure, the game’s numerous character classes and the ease in which you can transition between them makes it a memorable and enjoyable experience. And the […]


2014 in Gaming Cover Art

The end of the year is drawing upon us and in the first of two posts reviewing this year of gaming, I thought I’d analyze the cover or box art of some of this year’s new console releases. For the sake of simplicity I will be focusing only on some of the best selling titles […]


These “Difficult” Decisions

I know that it’s a bit early for sweeping comments 2014 seems to be the year of a lack of female character creation options. Or, more specifically, the removal of female character creation options for the sake of the game’s “quality.” This not so pleasant instance in this year’s list of noteworthy gaming news first […]


Fear Through Her Eyes: Analyzing the Female Character in Horror Games

The Final Girl: it’s a trope that’s sure to resonate with any horror fan, regardless of their level of interest or devotion to the genre. Referential to the trend of horror media leaving a solitary female character as its “last person standing,” The Final Girl is generally defined as being that remaining woman or girl […]


In Defense of Polygon

When you think about what comprises a game review, what comes to mind? Certainly traditional review elements like a critique of the game’s mechanics, its fluidity, its narrative if that’s something that’s important to you, its graphics and sound, and even its “fun factor” are all things that would be popular answers. But for a […]


Is It Ever “Good Enough”?

Recently I had a conversation with someone who mentioned that game developers were afraid to incorporate more diversity – specifically, in this instance, female characters – in video games. He went on to explain that, in their eyes, the costs often outweigh the benefits for them. No matter what they do, someone would find fault […]


We Can, But Why Would We? Video Games and the Myth of the Open Industry

So often, when anyone calls for greater diversity in video games, their requests are met with one very common answer: “You want something different? Make it yourself.” These days, we’re told, anyone can make a game. It’s so easy. The tech requirements have been reduced to almost nothing; with a little Googling and a little […]


Examining the Evolution of Diversity in Children’s Programming

Earlier today as I was watching my favorite nostalgic fan stream, I was hit with one of those nagging, persistent questions that weigh on your mind until you discover the answer. A show I didn’t recognize had come on; it was a live-action comedy show called Taina that had aired on Nickelodeon in the early 2000′s. […]


Not All Female Player Character Options Are Created Equal

I have a love-hate relationship with Harvest Moon DS Cute. For those who are (perhaps blissfully) unaware, Harvest Moon is a series of farming simulation games that incorporate elements and tasks of real, and even ordinary, life. In addition to planting and tending crops, collecting wild plants, fishing, digging, and animal husbandry, the games all […]