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All Accounts Fair and True: North Korea, Anne Frank, and COD: MW3

Bear with me for a bit while I get to video games. We need a little context here. I remember watching a prime time news show back in 2004 where “well trained” Korean teens exclaimed that the Americans were Nazis, GW Bush was Hitler, and that America must be destroyed to bring about world peace. […]


Down the Rabbit Hole: #1reasonwhy Women Aren’t In the Games Industry

Sometimes my brain works much like the horrible Bing search engine commercial where people jump from tangential topic to tangential topic based on keywords and loose connections. Today’s post comes from just such an idea jump that I experienced today. It started when a student in my Gender and Technology seminar mentioned Phyllis Schlafly and […]


Episode 33 : Vagina-Blocked!: On Sex, Games, and Community Supported Developers

Episode 33 : “Vagina Blocked!: On Sex, Games, and Community Supported Developers” (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) More on feral children and an interesting discussion between male led and female led community funded Kickstarter project Links of Note: GOG CEO Hates the Steam Sales BBB is Not Liking Capcom’s DLC […]


Episode 29: Women Behaving Badly

Episode 29 : Women Behaving Badly (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) This week we are joined by guest co-host Nicole Marie and we talk about misogyny in the games industry in light of the Bioware/Jennifer Hepler. We also talk about our desert island game choices and tell why we chose […]


Vagina Envy: Misogyny and the Gaming Community

As if we needed more reasons to do the research we’re doing.  In last few weeks Bioware writer Jennifer Hepler as been at the center of a major shitstorm. For those living under a rock, here is what’s been happening: An interview with Hepler from more than 5 years ago (October 11, 2006) surfaced a couple […]


Shaking Sh*t Up: Towards Diversity in Games and Tech Fields Pt. 1

Sheri Graner Ray, author (Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding The Market) and game designer, has written a new post over at Fem IRL on hiring folks based on whether or not they fit in and how that leads to companies hiring people who are just like their current employee base. Graner Ray writes: It’s natural. […]