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Even Cute Monsters Have to Go: A Review of The Counting Kingdom (iOS)

It’s no secret that I have a real interest in games for educational purposes. And this interest extends to games that might be both fun and educational to my own 6 year old. So when I got the chance to review The Counting Kingdom by Little Worlds Interactive for iOS I jumped at it. The […]


Power Hour Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS)

One of the earliest farming simulation games, the Harvest Moon series tasks you with running and growing a farm and all the various tasks that entails. In addition to growing crops and raising animals, you also can collect wild plants, fish, dig for valuable items and minerals, and the like. The gameplay of most of […]


Power Hour Review: Five Nights at Freddy’s

Have you ever thought of what animatronics do after closing time? How do they preoccupy the midnight hours between the rounds of screaming children? Do they need some release after being poked, prodded, and pulled by greasy fingers?  Do the smiles of those kitschy mascots stay innocently cheesy even in the dark, or do they […]


Power Hour Review: Valiant Hearts

War, especially historical war, in video games is generally presented in a similar way across titles.  The player assumes the role of a heroic soldier who shoots and strategizes his way through enemy lines, making a name for himself and decimating enemy troops to achieve victory. Combat dominates the game’s experience. While war might not […]


Power Hour Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of those games you cross your fingers for and hope it lives up to your expectations, or at least it was for me anyway. When I first learned about the development of this paranormal noir I became immediately invested. A game that infuses ghosts, mystery, and narrative seemed right up […]

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My Lightning, My Prayer: Continue?9876543210? Review

Looking for something quirky, serious, and a little weird? If so, check out our video review of Continue?9876543210, available now on Windows, Mac, and Linux from Steam.


Power Hour Review: Daylight

In the mood for something creepy? Daylight is a recently released horror game, available on both PS4 and PC. However, if you’re a fan of horror games, you’ll definitely want to check out our power hour video review of Daylight before you spend that hard earned cash! Watch the video review after the break.

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Power Hour Review: Child of Light

“Come, tuck yourself into bed / Let me tell a story / Of Lemuria, a kingdom past /And a girl born for glory,”  a woman lyrically instructs as the stylized game begins. Much as it’s opening lines suggest, Ubisoft’s new cross-platform RPG Child of Light in many ways resembles a fairytale. It’s gorgeous setting, poetic […]


Power Hour Review: The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

“Metroidvania,” Defender, and three super powered little girls. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect nostalgic side-scroller. But Radian Games intentionally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: classic animation. Thus The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville was born. Using their ultra-superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their reboot to fighting evil […]


Power Hour Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In the opening cinematic of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the titular character Claire “Lightning” Farron stands atop a clock tower, the glow of a fantastical city below her. She dramatically removes the sunglasses off her face, announcing her return not only to the fictional world that has progressed 500 years since her last appearance […]