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Games and Pedagogy; On What It Means to Talk About How We Teach With Play

Since I’ve been going to lots of talks in my department that focus on people and their teaching philosophies (gotta love job search time) it’s been forcing me to think more about what it would look like if I gave a talk about about my own pedagogical teaching practices (don’t worry folks, I’m not going […]


Even Cute Monsters Have to Go: A Review of The Counting Kingdom (iOS)

It’s no secret that I have a real interest in games for educational purposes. And this interest extends to games that might be both fun and educational to my own 6 year old. So when I got the chance to review The Counting Kingdom by Little Worlds Interactive for iOS I jumped at it. The […]


Get a (Day) Job!!: Games and Research

As most of you know, I am on sabbatical this semester and working on a new games and learning project. As always it is difficult to force myself to sit down and write (in a scholarly way) what it is that I find myself arguing here, at conferences, and anywhere else that someone will stand […]


The Short Shelf Life?: On Aging and Video Games

I spend a lot of time listening to  other gaming podcasts and a bit less time watching video podcasts about games. A lot of the folks that I watch and listen to have a lot in common with me older gamers (Gamers with Jobs), female gamers (Ladies of Leet), gamers who are parents, teachers who […]


Episode 38: Teacher, There’s a Game in My Classroom!: Games and Learning

Episode 38: Teacher, There’s a Game in My Classroom!: Games and Learning  (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) This week we talk about games and education in like of some new moves in the field from the likes of EA, Valve, and the White House. OUYA Kickstarter page EA’s Institute […]


Genealogy of a Gamer/Researcher

Gaming is a huge part of both the academic and leisure sides of my life. I have been playing video games as a leisure activity for more than 30 years so the overlap into other areas of my life are both inevitable and undeniable. Lately I have been looking at specific events in my personal […]


Supremacy, Confederate Flags, and Simulations: On Realizing the Power of Video Games

Sometimes things stick with you for a reason…bits of a comedy show, a disturbing news story, and the hundreds of hours that you spend playing farming/social simulations on a handheld device. And sometimes those things come together in a perfect storm that allow you to write a post like the one that you are about […]


On Engagement, Education, and Games Research

So, I wanna get a bit more serious than usual for a second here. There have been a number of posts about games and education floating around in my head and in various states of completion digitally for a while now. Perhaps it’s time they come to light. Rather than calling this a brain dump […]


Zombies Might Just Save the World

In our last podcast we talked about just what zombies mean in a larger cultural context. A new government publication brought it back to light for me this week so I thought I’d take a minute to throw out a few final ideas before some strange dude comes and eats my brains. Zombies first hit […]


The Role of the Student in the Game of Education

  So I’m reading this book called Finite and Infinite Play by James P. Carse, a religion professor.  His take on play has inspired some interesting possibilities that I can see being very useful in the current debate about gaming and education. First, and he makes this very clear, “whoever must play, cannot play” (his […]