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Musings of a Gamer

Somebody once told me that if I had put as much effort into my school work as I did with videogames, I would have been a straight A student. I shrugged my teenage shoulders and rolled my teenage eyes but deep down that comment hurt. I knew I was smart but I struggled in school […]


Becoming the Victim: Creating Understanding with The Day the Laughter Stopped

Trigger Warning: the game about to be described (The Day the Laughter Stopped) and the content of this article discusses and addresses rape and sexual assault An interactive fiction game – although in truth it more closely resembles an interactive narrative/fiction experience than what I’d personally define as a game – crossed my virtual path […]


Gender and Gaming Identity: Gee and Deterents to Identity Creation

Games scholar James Paul Gee introduces the idea of an intersection between identity and learning in his book entitled What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy, through which he infers that video games are particularly able to encourage the player to assume the identities and mindsets necessary for learning. The ideas and […]


Play With Your Kids: Narrative Modding as Gaming Strategy in Ni No Kuni

Let me tell you a little story of how a video game made me tell my little girl a lie. Pea and I are nearing the end of the main quest line of Ni No Kuni. And in true RPG fashion we are about 60 hours in. Going in to this game I knew that […]


Play With Your Kids: Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch

I’ve kind of fallen behind in a lot of things in recent weeks and one of them has definitely been my posts on what it’s like to game with children. Not as in having children, but physically with a child. As we wait for the new Lego City Wii U game to release our Wii […]


Episode 38: Teacher, There’s a Game in My Classroom!: Games and Learning

Episode 38: Teacher, There’s a Game in My Classroom!: Games and Learning  (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) This week we talk about games and education in like of some new moves in the field from the likes of EA, Valve, and the White House. OUYA Kickstarter page EA’s Institute […]


Genealogy of a Gamer/Researcher

Gaming is a huge part of both the academic and leisure sides of my life. I have been playing video games as a leisure activity for more than 30 years so the overlap into other areas of my life are both inevitable and undeniable. Lately I have been looking at specific events in my personal […]


On Engagement, Education, and Games Research

So, I wanna get a bit more serious than usual for a second here. There have been a number of posts about games and education floating around in my head and in various states of completion digitally for a while now. Perhaps it’s time they come to light. Rather than calling this a brain dump […]


What Video Game Designers Have to Teach Us About Education (Or “A Rip-Off of My Cs Presentation)

Below is an edited and (hopefully contextualized) version of the talk that I did at CCCC 2011 in Atlanta, GA. I have added some images and video but not the entire PowerPoint presentation from the talk. Ian Bogost defines procedural rhetoric as “a technique for making arguments with computational systems and for unpacking computational arguments […]


Gaming the System in a System of Gaming: The Inherent Nature of Games in Pedagogy (aka, my CCCCs presentation)

The reserve army of the bored zombie the earth, fiddling with their cell phones, checking their watches. Boredom is the meter of history. –McKenzie Wark I love games.  My friends love games.  My students love games.  We are a society in love with games: game-shows, reality games, board games, online games, video games, computer games, […]