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Trading Cards, Badges, and Levels: Steam Sales and Gamification

In the last few days I’ve crafted about nine badges, I’ve leveled up four times, and I’ve helped my team to victory once. I’ve earned some cosmetic enhancements for my profile, and I’ve done a lot of trading. If you play games on your PC, you probably already know what I’ve been doing: going broke […]


Episode 75: If Not Points and Badges, Then What?: On Gamification

Episode 75: If Not Points and Badges, Then What: On Gamification (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode where we talk about gamification and the future of games based learning. Definitely a fun way to learn more about games and learning.


On Engagement, Education, and Games Research

So, I wanna get a bit more serious than usual for a second here. There have been a number of posts about games and education floating around in my head and in various states of completion digitally for a while now. Perhaps it’s time they come to light. Rather than calling this a brain dump […]


Episode 12: We’re Live and Damned Near Drunk

Episode 12: We’re Damn Near Drunk (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode we record live and finish up interesting discussions on sex, games, and toys in general. Definitely not one to be missed! Links of Note: Gamified Porn Homies Dolls Spa Science


What Video Game Designers Have to Teach Us About Education (Or “A Rip-Off of My Cs Presentation)

Below is an edited and (hopefully contextualized) version of the talk that I did at CCCC 2011 in Atlanta, GA. I have added some images and video but not the entire PowerPoint presentation from the talk. Ian Bogost defines procedural rhetoric as “a technique for making arguments with computational systems and for unpacking computational arguments […]


Episode 7: Gamification; It’s More than Just Playing Games

Episode 7 is here! Gamification; It’s More than Just Playing Games (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode where we talk about gamification and education and clear up some of the mis-conceptions. dr. b. rants a bit and drops an f-bomb, Alex drinks like a grown up, and Sarah […]


Gaming the System in a System of Gaming: The Inherent Nature of Games in Pedagogy (aka, my CCCCs presentation)

The reserve army of the bored zombie the earth, fiddling with their cell phones, checking their watches. Boredom is the meter of history. –McKenzie Wark I love games.  My friends love games.  My students love games.  We are a society in love with games: game-shows, reality games, board games, online games, video games, computer games, […]

Hardcore Farmer? Your Mama is a Gamer!

Episode 5: Hardcore Farming!: Your Mama is a Gamer(“Save As” to download) The fifth episode of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast where we talk about intersectionality and gamers, the “new” hardcore gamer (according to Zynga), and President Obama on gamification. Links of Note: Dead Island Trailer Torchlight (Runic Games) President Obama’s speech on gamified […]


Should Civilization 5 be used for Education?

A discussion of why I love Civ 5, why I think it can be used how to study the gamification of history and education, as well as some reflections on the representations of different cultures.