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Male Disguises and Other Forms: The Removal of Femaleness

The trope of the disguised female is problematic because it reinforces the idea that male or non-female entities are more capable than female bodied characters. Both Ocarina of Time and Fantasy Life feature female characters who disguise themselves as men. Laura (Fantasy Life) and Zelda (Ocarina), princesses of their own respective realms, participate in traditionally […]


Nintendo’s Gender Problem

I admit it, sometimes I feel like I’m being a little bit hard on Nintendo and of the various studios they direct and/or publish for when I critique the way they present gender in their games. After all, in comparison to some of the other big name game studios, they tend to be one of […]


“That’s Just How Things Are,” or Ignoring Potential in the Games Industry

Last week, I wrote about the revelation that Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard was originally conceived as a woman, at least in visuals (not necessarily in terms of game content), a piece that sparked a bit of discussion on my Facebook page about the nature of the industry and reality. “Reality” is something I hear a […]


“Story-Rich Female Protagonist Games”- Say what?

As we discussed in our podcast last week, one of the community-selected sales in Steam’s Summer Sale was “Story-Rich Female Protagonist” games. Dr. B and I were decidedly unsure what to think of this category. Of course, one of the first questions she had is whether the creation of this category was actually a positive […]


Episode 71: The Unconventional Dwarf: An Interview of Tof Ecklund and Rhiannon Reyes

Episode 71: The Unconventional Dwarf: An Interview with Tof Ecklund and Rhiannon Reyes (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode where we talk to Tof and Rhiannon about their new book on creating non-traditional/non-standard characters in Role Playing Games and anything else that we can think of. Links of Note: The […]


Looking From the Margins: The Best of 2013 in Box Art

In my continuing look at game covers, I thought I’d explore the best-rated games of 2013 according to Metacritic’s compiled review scores. So far, I’ve looked at top-selling games instead of best-rated, or I’ve looked at a particular selection, as when exploring Xbox indies, and the results have been surprisingly consistent in terms of gender […]


Girls Just Want to Have Fun; or Gender Roles Reversed with a Toy

A little over a year ago a woman named Debbie Sterling put a project on Kickstarter to develop “engineering” toys for girls in the age group of 5-9. The Kickstarter funded all of its $150k in just four days and continued to receive donations until it had received over $285,000 in pledges. Needless to say […]

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XBL Indies in Covers: Second Verse, Same as the First

I wanted to keep expanding on my look into game covers, but I think it’s important to search beyond the top-selling mainstream titles and most-hyped games across consoles proper, just to see if trends continue past the very middle of the mainstream, so this week I’m doing something a little different: looking to the top-selling […]


Looking From the Margins: Next Gen in Covers

For the next phase of my research on game covers, I initially planned to look at this year’s releases, but found myself instead falling through an Internet black hole and browsing the listings for the next generation releases. After I was done calculating all the money I would need to buy the things that seemed […]


Looking from the Margins, Part II: 2011 in Covers

When Gears of War first debuted in 2006, I hated the game — the controls felt wrong to me, the game bored me, and everyone I knew was obsessed with it, which made me hate it more out of sheer annoyance. So if you’d told me that seven years later I’d be calling the franchise’s […]