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The Spike VGX Awards: Much More Than a Drop in the Proverbial Bucket

This past Saturday Spike TV sponsored the 2013 Video Game Awards which is now rather inexplicably branded as the VGX Awards because everyone knows adding an “X” to the end of things instantly makes them cooler and more extreme and not at all gives an impression that an eleven year old was in charge of […]


The Necessity of Donning a Critical Lens or Why Being “Profoundly Misogynistic” is a Point that Needs to be Addressed

Some things are standard to mention when critiquing and reviewing video games: characteristics that make the game innovative or unique, the fluidity of the interface and the level of the player’s control over the gameplay, its artistic design and the quality of its graphic elements, its replayability, the consistency of its plot and character development, […]


Beyond the Panty Shot: Feminist Representations in Anime

As an extension of the previous post I wrote about regarding feminist-friendly cartoon choices and considering that, in my experience anyway, fans of video games and Japanese anime seem to overlap, I would like to offer some suggestions for navigating the wide and extensive world of anime. Much like any other form of media, not […]


Five Cartoon Recommendations for Your Budding Feminist

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of cartoons. I was fortunate as a child to have consistent access to cartoon programing (as well as access to video  games, which was definitely the precursor to my passion for gaming), something which, as I look back, I am increasingly grateful for. Although I cannot […]


Episode 19: Kratos is a Giant P*nis: Video Games and the Manly Man Archetype

Episode 19: Kratos is a Giant P*nis: Video Games and the Manly Man Archetype (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) This week we talk about masculinity in games…yep, you read it right. Masculinity. Duke Nukem, Gears of War, Kratos, and androgynous JRPG boys. Links of Note: Sponsor Sam or Alex […]


I Am Not My Hair: On the Politics of Character Creation in Games

We mentioned thiis on in episode 14 of the podcast, but I thought that I would take a few minutes and revisit it on the blog. Denis Farr over at The Border House blog recently wrote an interesting post on the politics of hair in video games. He talks specifically about how difficult it is […]

Dead Island Girl

Hardcore Mama: Should Kids Be Off Limits?

Ok, so I am doing the unthinkable and rehashing a post from the past (albeit from my personal blog) because it’s a topic that I have been thinking a lot about and one that I have been thinking a lot about recently, especially with the release of the Dead Island trailer. We talked about it […]

Hardcore Farmer? Your Mama is a Gamer!

Episode 5: Hardcore Farming!: Your Mama is a Gamer(“Save As” to download) The fifth episode of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast where we talk about intersectionality and gamers, the “new” hardcore gamer (according to Zynga), and President Obama on gamification. Links of Note: Dead Island Trailer Torchlight (Runic Games) President Obama’s speech on gamified […]