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No Escape – Rape and Race in Prison Simulation Games

At Sunday’s Oscars, John Legend and Common performed their amazing song, “Glory,” from Selma before ultimately winning the Oscar for Best Original Song. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, it’s a must: But as powerful as the song is, it’s the acceptance speech (starting at 6:05) that captured my attention on Sunday night.  Amidst […]


On Bioshock Infinite and the Tea Party: A Not So Modest Proposal

This week gamers all over had a good giggle when news outlets started reporting that the Tea Party Facebook group had posted an image from Bioshock Infinite that had actually been making fun of the Tea Party’s philosophical foundations. The group quickly found themselves with no lack of folks informing them that they had indeed […]



Alex started off the week with her, Confessions of a First-Time Pokemon Player and shared with us how and why she is so fascinated with the new Pokemon X and Y games. As a first time player myself I can really understand. Alisha shared her feelings about the rumor that TellTale Games just might be […]


Cultural Costumes and Racism: From Animal Crossing to Halloween

After having the relentless fashionista Gracie visit my town in Animal Crossing for the first time last week, it dawned on me how little clothing I owned to pass her rigorous checks. I was able to pull together enough flashy clothing to make it through and pass but in the process I was sent into […]


Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine: On Race and Sex in Saints Row IV

So, this week I went against my better judgement and rented Saints Row IV. I got drawn into the hype. I heard a million other podcasters talk about how it was just plain, old “stupid fun”. And this was the kind of week that I needed some good old fashioned stupid fun. But I didn’t […]


White Male Privilege, It’s So Great to Have*: Guacamelee and Race in Games

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you can’t ask, then you can’t afford it”, but I want us to consider for a moment a slightly modified version that might say “If you have to ask, it might be true for you”. In the last couple of days I have experienced a couple of situations […]


Episode 53: Lara Croft: Whimpering Idiot or Feminist Icon?

Episode 53: Lara Croft: Whimpering Idiot or Feminist Icon? (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode in which we talk about Tomb Raider! It’s a long episode and the first half is us talking about what we’ve been playing (a lot apparently) and the news. In our Tomb Raider spoiler we […]


When Play Becomes Serious; Time to Stand Up

This week  Democrat Congressional (Maine) candidate Colleen Lachowicz was outed by Republicans. Lachowicz is not, as far as we know, gay, but she is a gamer. Lachowicz’s opponents have started their own site, Colleen’s World (You can Google it because I refuse to give them an active link), in an attempt to discredit her as a viable […]


You’re Just Too Sensitive: Racism in Games and the Gaming Industry

Here’s a shocker…racism is alive and well in the video gaming community. We are growing more and more accustomed to seeing it perpetuated among gamers and in the video games themselves. Oftentimes we find ourselves blaming the use of racist and sexist stereotypes in video games on a lack of diversity within dev shops themselves. […]


Episode 35 : “I’m Sexist and I Know It: Sneaky Sneaky Till the Soapbox Comes Out

Episode 35 : “I’m Sexist and I Know It: Sneaky Sneaky Till the Soapbox Comes Out” (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode where Sam, Alex, and Nicole record in one space and have drunch (aka drinks and lunch). They each take a turn with the games soapbox and talk […]