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No Escape – Rape and Race in Prison Simulation Games

At Sunday’s Oscars, John Legend and Common performed their amazing song, “Glory,” from Selma before ultimately winning the Oscar for Best Original Song. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, it’s a must: But as powerful as the song is, it’s the acceptance speech (starting at 6:05) that captured my attention on Sunday night.  Amidst […]

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The normalization of rape in the industry: Konami’s holiday rape joke, featuring Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head

Konami has been running a holiday poll asking fans to vote on best couple from a game for Valentine’s Day, and while several selections have been straightforward — actual couples — on their official @Konami Twitter (and I assume the associated poll, but the links no longer work), there have been a number of joke […]


Raped by a Celebrity; A Woman’s Right to be Silent

Every now and then, there are stories circulating the internet that do not necessarily have anything to do with video games that strike my interest and need a place to be written about. If you’ve been reading articles on the internet lately then you may have heard of a story that is re-gaining attention, almost […]



Alex started off the week with her, Confessions of a First-Time Pokemon Player and shared with us how and why she is so fascinated with the new Pokemon X and Y games. As a first time player myself I can really understand. Alisha shared her feelings about the rumor that TellTale Games just might be […]


Rape as Trope: Next Gen Games and Last Gen Misogyny

Trigger warning: This post discusses and uses cut scenes of (attempted or threatened) rape and violence toward women. It also has some minor plot spoilers for Contrast and Dead Rising 3, but these spoilers take place in the beginnings of both games. I have been a console early adopter for several generations now. The PS4/XBox […]


Episode 62: The 3 New R’s: Rape, Respect, and Responsibility in the Geek Community

Episode 62: The 3 New R’s: Rape, Respect, and Responsibility in the Geek Community  (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode that almost wasn’t. After trying for 3 weeks we finally got this week’s issue covered. This week we talk about objectification vs. idealization as indicative of a larger […]


Rape in the Media; Is There a Limit?

Unless you’re living under a rock you’ve probably heard of the television series The Walking Dead, what you may not know is that the TV series is based off of a well-established graphic novel series of the same name. 108 issues deep, the series has tackled a lot of issues in a post zombie apocalypse […]


Quick Rant: It Won’t Be Over Soon:Or, Rape Still Isn’t Funny

So by now most of us have heard about the demo of Killer Instinct for the XBox One yesterday, but if you haven’t let me give it a quick run down. MS brought out a man and a woman to demo the game yesterday and the woman admitted that she couldn’t beat her adversary to […]


Episode 53: Lara Croft: Whimpering Idiot or Feminist Icon?

Episode 53: Lara Croft: Whimpering Idiot or Feminist Icon? (“Save As” to download or head over to iTunes to subscribe) The episode in which we talk about Tomb Raider! It’s a long episode and the first half is us talking about what we’ve been playing (a lot apparently) and the news. In our Tomb Raider spoiler we […]


A Break in the Clouds, Progress in the Industry *Trigger Warning*

Holy shit. Somebody listened. And it wasn’t just an indie game developer with nothing to lose, it was a big name AAA developer. Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez published an article yesterday (Nov. 30) on how the writers for Dragon Age 3 actually removed a portion of the game because of a group of women’s input. Apparently […]