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Girlcraft, the Kickstarter that stalled (and thank goodness)

Recently, one of the other women on the NYMGamer team shared a link to a Kickstarter for “Girlcraft,” a proposal for a Minecraft knockoff branded for girls. Same ideas, just pink and purple and full of fairies and rainbows. My heart sank as I read the description, but it didn’t matter in the end — […]


All harassment is not created equal: why we need to pay attention to rampant online sexism

A recent post on the Feminist Frequency tumblr titled “One Week of Harassment on Twitter” detailed just that — a week’s worth of tweets directed at Feminist Frequency, at Anita Sarkeesian, and at feminists in general, especially those associated in any way with gaming critique. Some are wildly ridiculous, almost funny, like this one, that […]


Just too Inconvenient

E3 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times to be a gamer. It’s a week of thrilling announcements, new games, and industry advancements. I know that I for one spent practically my whole day on Monday watching the press conferences and gaming chatter. The discussions and “meeting of the minds” is what I probably […]


Debunking the “Lovable Pervert”

He flirts excessively and inappropriately with women, has an obsessive need to ogle all the attractive ladies around him, and may or may not partner his verbal sexual harassment with physical groping or “loose hands.” Sounds like a gross character right? Not always, because deep down this character might have a heart of gold. Maybe […]


The Sad State of Facebook Gaming Ads

The advertisements that appear on the sidebars of Facebook pages are creepy. It’s true for a number of reasons. For instance I’ve heard stories passed around of people – specifically “edgy” looking girls – who have posted pictures on their personal social media pages only to have their faces wind up on ads from everything […]


Bringing #NotBuyingIt into Video Games

This past weekend during the Super Bowl thousands took to Twitter to address their concerns over representation in advertisements during the various commercial breaks that are arguably as watched as the game itself. Each tweet called out various offenses that a number of companies were guilty of – lack of representation, unhealthy representation, and over-sexualization […]


The Power in Pink?: Thinking About Princesses and Feminism

Let me start by saying something that anyone who has ever listened to our show already knows…I Hate Pink! I have hated pink for so long and with such passion that I can no longer remember if I have always hated pink or if I hate pink because of all that it has come to […]


We Are Not Welcome Here: The Continued Plight of Women in Geek and Gaming Culture

Possible triggers: sexual violence and assault. Game developer Brianna Wu of Giant Spacekat recently wrote a an essay that started as an examination of a game-of-the-year podcast and became a critique of gaming podcasts in general, an essay demonstrating how the dominant paradigm in gaming journalism — typically straight, white, male writers — reflects the […]


(Mis)Representations of Women: Losing Sight of the Real

Hideo Kojima issued a challenge to cosplayers everywhere when he said of Metal Gear Solid V’s sniper Quiet, “The initial target [of the character] is to make u want to do cosplay… [but] this one may not be cosplayable.” Challenge accepted and surmounted, Kojima, by one Kelly Jean, who is not only selling prints of […]


Power Hour Review: The Wolf Among Us (XBox 360)

This game really reminds me of why I hate fairytales and fables and why they don’t have a prominent place in my home. You play through this game as the sheriff of Fabletown Bigby Wolf who is in charge of keeping these rowdy assed fable characters out of trouble and making sure that they stay […]